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To Khalad's assertion that he could create a crossbow capable of firing a bolt several miles, Vanion shakes his head and forsees the obsolescence of the knight in full armour. A literal case happens at the end of the Elenium, when they encounter several undead Zemochian knights. The Zemochians have never understood that armor is supposed to protect you, and assume it's there for intimidation purposes only - so they wear Scary Impractical Armor that hinders their movement and has countless weak and blind spots, and with spikes that threaten to cut or impale the wearer if they make a wrong move.

Adus' armor, which might have saved him if it had ever been fitted to him. As it was, there were more than enough unarmored gaps for Talen's dagger to slide through. Whether Adus had sufficient brainpower to put armor pieces on correctly is another question. Also played with in the final confrontation between Sparhawk and Martel.

Martel's armour is very far from useless, but its style and ornamentation make it far heavier than the suit worn by Sparhawk, and causes Martel to lose his wind quickly. In The Wheel of Time , many characters forgo armor either because they fight with magic, or because they're trained swordsmen, not soldiers, and the armor would only slow them down. Besides them, this trope is largely averted for mundane weapons. Though obviously magic fireballs and lightning aren't terribly impeded by steel.

A Song of Ice and Fire usually averts this trope, as knights rely on heavy armor, but it's played straight occasionally: Bronn eschews heavy armor during his duel with Vardis Egan. He dodges his more heavily armored opponent until the knight is exhausted, then moves in for the kill. This is actually a sound strategy given armor wouldn't be all that useful against the ridiculous brute force of his opponent.

Instead the Red Viper opts uses his superior speed to his advantage. Whilst he inflicts mortal wounds on the Mountain, the Prince lets his guard down and is killed nonetheless. Water dancers of Braavos do not wear armor and rely on light piercing swords. Syrio Forel manages to kill four armored guardsmen with a wooden practice sword. He has less success against an opponent in plate armor, though he would have fared better with a real sword.

In the Battle of the Blackwater, armor is not quite "useless" so much as " Awesome, but Impractical. Ser Davos Seaworth, being somewhat smarter about naval combat, eschews heavy armor and is able to swim to relative safety.

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The above example is inverted by Victarion Greyjoy, who derides the armorless soldiers he faces at the Shield Islands as cowards who fear drowning he has no such fear for religious reasons. Heavily-armored himself, he cuts through them easily. The Once and Future King sometimes plays it straight, such as when Lancelot kills Agravain , but usually inverts this.

When fighting unarmoured peasants on the battlefield, being an armoured knight is like using an invincibility hack. White includes one passage where a knight was none the worse for wear from being unhorsed and mobbed by spearmen. Indeed, after his comrades rescued him, it was actually found that he fought better because now he had lost his temper.

The blade can cut through anything without slowing down with Like Cannot Cut Like completely averted swordfighting techniques are focused on avoiding getting your own blade cut while timing your strikes to cut the opponent's blade. Combatants can wear special armor, but even that can't prevent a blade that sharp from cutting. The main goal of the armor is to harden at the point of the cut in order to allow the wound to heal which takes about 3 seconds given how fine it is.

A wound to the heart, though, can never heal, as the heart beating will expand the tiny cut into a gaping hole. An additional effect of the armor hardening is to try to hold the sides of the blade , keeping the opponent from moving it. The protagonist accidentally figures out how to defeat the latter function, killing the Big Bad of the first novel in the process in a gruesome fashion. In the third novel, the protagonist dons an advanced nano-armor that can take any hit and will protect the wearer and self-repair being composed of nanites.

However, the nano-armor still can't stop a planar blade, although it, presumably, can function like the normal dueling armor. When the protagonist faces off against his Fang counterpart wearing their equivalent of the armor, the two armors destroy each other nanite-by-nanite. Subverted and played with in The Stormlight Archive , where knights wear Shardplate, magitek Powered Armor capable of shrugging off anything short of a Shardblade or sustained attacks by almost entire armies. Two knights equipped with full Plate and Blades are able to survive against an army that outnumbered their own greatly for the better part of a day, albeit with horrific casualties among their more conventionally armored allies.

Bringing down someone who is wearing Shardplate is considered such an achievement that it is a widely-honored tradition that the one who killed the Shardbearer gets his weapon and armor as a reward which also motivates conventional troops to stand up to a Shardbearer in hopes of getting their equipment if they get lucky. However, the only way to kill a Shardbearer through their Plate is to either pound the hell out of them with hammers until a part of the armor wears down and breaks, or to strike through the helmet's eye slit - a tenuous and dangerous proposition against a man towering over you with a sword the length of a polearm that can cut through steel like butter.

In Mistborn , metal armor is extremely useful Against an Allomancer like a Steelpusher or Lurcher, who can repel or pull on metals, metal armor is far less useful, as the the Allomancer can use their powers to knock their enemy off-balance though Newton's laws are still important; Pushing or Pulling exerts and equal and opposite force on the Allomancer, meaning that Pushing hard enough to throw a human will be just as likely to Push the Allomancer away. On the other hand, a Mistborn, who has access to all of the powers of Allomancy, wearing armor is actively dangerous, since they can freely Push and Pull in all directions, allowing them to turn anyone wearing metal armor into a living projectile.

In one of the Dune prequel novels Duncan Idaho is given a suit of full plate while training at Ginaz and promptly gets his ass handed to him by the lightly armed and armored opponents who are almost literally running circles around him. The fight was a lesson to drive home the point that bigger armor is not always better armor and that mobility can be just as important as pure defense. Subverted in The Heroes: When Bremer dan Gorst fights him, Bremer is amazed by how effectively Whirrun fights without armor.

However, in the middle of their fight, Whirrun is randomly stabbed in the back by someone else. Dying, Whirrun laments that if he'd known the witch was lying, he would have worn more armor. Played with in the 's science fiction novel Tunnel In The Sky. One of the characters wears body armor all the time for awhile after being introduced, prompting another character to wonder why trade marginal protection for a much greater loss of speed and agility?

Turns out the character is wearing the body armor because it helps hide that she's a woman. The Zombie Survival Guide: Modern Body armor is simply dead weight - it doesn't protect against bites on the arms or legs. Chain mail is considered noisy and thus attracts zombies. Cumbersome plate is considered suicidial. The best defense is simply being able to move as fast as possible.

The sole exception is a shark suit, which can protect against bites stronger than a zombie, and is therefore useful when fighting underwater zombies. Personal body armor is extremely effective, requiring specialized rounds to reliably penetrate, and saves the lives of cast members and Red Shirts alike multiple times the title character is something of an assassin magnet. Warship armor is more variable. At the start of the series most ships use ice extruded over the hull to fend off laser attacks, which generally requires concentrated fire on a single point to punch through.

However, in the first encounter with the still-unnamed Planet Looters and their Beam Spam , it's Kris's smaller, faster Q-ships that survive rather than the big battleships, because they're able to evade. Later in the series, the all- Smart Metal "battlecruisers" that Kris commands have some armor, but their primary defense is rapid-fire jinking and dodging, which proves effective against prewar battleships as well.

Gor is a case where wearing armor is explicitly more dangerous than not, the same aliens who enforce Medieval Stasis on Gor also incinerate armored combatants with heat beams from space. Their given rationale is reintroducing Darwinian selection pressures, only the quickest and the strongest live to reproduce, rather than those wealthy enough to afford armor.

Only helmets are permitted. Yet archery and crossbows are fine, and indeed more effective where only shields can stop them. One episode also mentions that most handheld weapons use guided projectiles. Thus, they can be fooled by special bracelets that throw up interference. Considering every weapon is some kind of plasma, laser, or coil gun, armor generally seems useless.

Nietzschean bone blades which grow out of their forearms can also go right through armor. This is similar to Real Life cases of bulletproof vests being incapable of stopping a blade. Played with in the "Ming Warrior vs. Musketeer" episode of Deadliest Warrior. When testing whether the respecting warriors' firearms could punch through their opponents' armor, it's shown that a Musketeer's wheel lock pistol could punch through a Ming Warrior's leather lamellar, while a Ming Warrior's 3-Barrel Pole Gun only put a dent in a Musketeer's steel cuirass a stray shot hit the dummy's exposed neck, but it was deemed inadmissible, as the goal was to hit the armor.

During the live-action simulation, musketeer shots are shown to be deadly to Ming warriors, while a Ming warrior's first shot with a pole gun only knocked a musketeer to the ground. However, just as his friend is helping the fallen musketeer to get up, another shot hits the same musketeer right between the eyes.

The musketeers still win the battle. Game of Thrones often discusses and averts the trope, but plays it straight at other times: Ramsay Bolton manages to kill several fully armed soldiers while half-naked. Ser Hugh is killed in a joust when he's struck in the neck by a splinter of Gregor Clegane's lance. In the books, it's explained that he lacked a squire and so did not put on his gorget correctly; in the show he is clearly under-armored compared to his opponent and it's subtly implied the armor was sabotaged. Bronn champions Tyrion against Ser Vardis Egan.

Bronn refuses a shield and wears almost no armor, using his speed and maneuverability to simply evade his opponent until Egan's heavy armor exhausts him and makes him a sitting duck. The long-awaited Oberyn and Mountain duel is a fascinating glimpse of this. While Oberyn's cut to Ser Gregor's leg made perfect sense, he followed it up with a stab to the chest to the "walking tank. Very few warriors would be able to last more than six seconds against the likes of Bronn or Oberyn if they didn't have armor to ward off killing blows right off the bat.

Zigzagged when Syrio Forel defeats several armored mooks with his wooden practice sword by knocking them on the helmets but fares less well against a slightly heavier-armed Ser Meryn Trant of the Kingsguard. On multiple occasions armor is played as useless when a mook needs to go down and a sword slash or stab anywhere on the body will do to move the plot along. In a flashback battle, a Targaryen Kingsguard puts his sword through the chest and out the back of a Stark bannerman who is clearly wearing several layers of mail, leather, and wool.

Although this perhaps is more a justified example as chain mail was not designed to prevent a direct stab but rather slashing. Rakharo believes a Dothraki would defeat an armored knight in a duel because of speed and freedom of movement. Ser Jorah's duel with Qotho convinces him otherwise. The Hound puts it best to Arya when they discuss the death of her fencing instructor. This being right after she tried to stab him with Needle and being unable to penetrate his armour.

Your friend's dead, and Meryn Trant's not, 'cause Trant had armour. And a big fucking sword. Bennet is putting on a Bulletproof Vest, he admits that it'll be useless against the supervillains he's about to face, and he's only bothering with it in order to keep up the masquerade. Allegedly the Masked Form is tougher and better protected, but one cannot help noticing that the Riders invariably cast it off at the first opportunity and finish off the monster in Rider Form.

The Riders in that series need to shed the heavier armor to use their finishing moves. Yeah, even the ones whose finishers use almost-completely external equipment Drake and Sasword. It's only in their leaner modes that they can move at hyper-speeds, too, and not having anybody who could counter the monsters' ability to do that themselves was why ZECT was losing so badly before the Riders started seeing action.

It's a gimmie that the Sheriff's men in any series of Robin Hood will be issued with almost completely unarrowproof armour. In the creators' defence, the mooks are often shown with what a well equipped soldier in the reign of King Richard might wear. It's just that the outlaw's longbows shouldn't be around for another hundred years or so. Blood and Sand , Roman soldiers in full armor seem, if anything, more hindered when fighting against nearly-naked rebel gladiators.

In one instance Spartacus even knocks a helmeted soldier unconscious using another soldier's helmet! The rebels meticulously collect any weapons they can from fallen soldiers, but never bother with their armor or helmets, presumably because they did not do their deceased wearers any good. Another reason would be that, in the heat of battle, you wouldn't want to be wearing the enemy's uniform. The rebels do start wearing more castoff and modified Roman armor as the series progresses, especially in War of the Damned. Stargate SG-1 featured all kinds of armor, almost none of which were actually useful.

The kevlar worn by the Tau'ri humans from Earth does nothing to stop any of the weapons they face in fact, it's been stated that it actually makes things worse when it comes to staff weapons. It's worth noting that SG-1 itself doesn't bother with armor yet seems to have the lowest casualty rate of any SG team. Jaffa armor starts off being effective, a situation that is changed once the Tau'ri replace low-velocity MP5s with P90s and armor-piercing ammunition, instantly turning initially invincible juggernauts into generic mooks. Siler take a full staff blast in the gut and only get knocked back and lightly set on fire.

This armor is credited with saving Colonel O'Neill's life when he's shot in action. The Jaffa in the original movie were more ceremonially dressed, and didn't wear armor, allowing O'Neill to take one down with a burst of submachine gun rounds into the exposed gut. The TV show had to tone down the violence though, and had armored Jaffa largely because bullet impacts on armor are less graphic than bloody chunks getting shot out of somebody.

So the armor was more to protect the show's rating than the Jaffa themselves. Ori warriors also wear armor that appears to be more for show. Then again, it's not clear how that armor faces against energy weapons, as we mostly see it fail spectacularly against P90s. Of course, the Ori hardly concern themselves about the lives of their worshipers. This is because there rarely is any physical combat, most of the attacks are based on powers that make protective armor not only useless, but at times disadvantageous.

And even so, the armor almost always leaves many fleshy bits uncovered. But even when armor does prove useful, there usually is some contrived story reason why they have to take it off such as with the Exo-Toa mechs that blocked the users' powers. This is however averted in the Bara Magna storyline, where the fights are physical and armor is very important.

When Dean Ambrose wrestled for the same company in a flak jacket, it served him no better than his t-shirts and wifebeaters had before. Zigzagged, having armor gives entities no bonus, but armor alchemies stand out for being the only clothing alchemies to actually do anything. The trope does not apply in the first and second editions, where armor is one of the few ways to increase your Armor Class and make your character more difficult to hit.

Further, it provides few drawbacks. Some characters are prohibited from using their special powers while wearing armor that is too heavy, or wearing any armor at all. Armor is also judged worthless when determining whether "touch attack" spells hit, which generally confer the most devastating effects in the game. Ultimately there are many magical alternatives to armor that will increase your Armor Class or make you more difficult to hit without many of these drawbacks.

This means that high-level characters are still more difficult to hit. All of this means that high-level characters can evade attacks even when lightly armored. The difference can be mostly mitigated by having a high DEX, but all other things being equal it's always best to wear the heaviest armour you're proficient with.

Barbarians also get a substantial bonus to AC while not wearing armour. Pathfinder uses a system based on the D20 system of Dungeons and Dragons , so it has all the same examples. It also riffs on the trope in a number of additional ways: There is a barbarian variant that grants the ability "Naked Courage. Granted, it's a fairly small bonus. In the NPC Codex , which provides official stats for the game's iconic characters, Seoni the sorceress in the slinky red dress officially has a better armor class with her spells running than any of the heavy-armor wearing melee characters.

Firearms, if allowed, render armour useless at close range since they are treated as touch attacks. Star Wars d20 had armor that really was useless, unless you were already almost dead. It provided damage reduction only when you were out of vitality points or against a critical hit, when damage went to wound points. So for most of a battle, all most armor did was provide a situation bonus to one ability and an armor check penalty to certain skills.

It also denied you your class-based AC and limited your max Dex Bonus. This could be designed to reflect the stormtrooper armor's uselessness. Saga Edition , characters gain bonuses to their Reflex Defense the defense that keeps blaster bolts hitting you from armor or a level-based bonus , and they don't stack. At higher levels, it's better to go into a fight naked, rather than wearing the heaviest protection you can find.

However, it isn't played completely straight as the bonuses to Fortitude Defense from armor do stack and with the right talents, you can get them to stack with the Reflex Defense as well. The standard issue flak armour of the Imperial Guard - a bulletproof, heat and shrapnel resistant uniform with potentially extra armoured-areas by our standards A wych who goes into battle wearing nothing will mess your heavily-armoured troops up badly.

This is no longer the case as of 8th edition AP rules, which have reverted to adding negative modifiers to armor rolls instead. In Exalted , averted at the low levels, as good armor vastly increases your survival chance in a fight—aside from the fact that the rules specifically state that the only reason to wear a helmet is if you don't think your hairstyle is cool enough. Played straight at high levels, as there are enough Martial Arts and Crafts abilities that only need to touch you to mess you up in ways ranging from petrification to having your soul fall off that characters will mostly be depending on magically-powered defenses, rendering armor somewhat redundant.

Armour is a lot more useful with the 2. It's still vulnerable to bad-touch effects, though. In the 3rd edition, however, armor has become viable again, and stacks with the Resistance skills. However, most Martial Arts don't function with armor on. Armor in GURPS very roughly mirrors the rise and fall in armor usefulness in reality, with available armor playing catch up early in each TL.

This ceases to be the case at TL 12 where you can buy guns that delete people from reality, which renders armor rather pointless. Spaceships the rules have led to the comparison "eggshells armed with hammers".

See a Problem?

When you reach TL 9, Power Armor start appearing. This type of armor's true strength is to turn choosing between dodging and DR a False Dichotomy: Power Armor will stop small arms fire or fragmentation damage while still allowing you to dodge heavier rounds. FATAL has such things as stabbing attacks which hurt rather a lot even through armour and magical armour that actively reduces your Current Armour stat. And that's not going into the armour that kills you and raises you as a zombie serial killer, armour that simply kills you, or armour that fills your crap with kitten seeds.

Even that's not as terrible as the armor that turns you into grotesquely offensive racial stereotypes from countries or ethnicities that supposedly don't even exist in the setting. It ain't called "the worst RPG ever made" for nothin'. In Ammo almost every player character has some sort of manga-inspired power, but only a few will be even moderately defensive, or last more than a few battle turns.

Armors, both passive or Powered Armor , are required , even against the weakest foe. Between normal unprotected humans a round kick is often lethal, and two is overkilling. Armor is both hugely important and easy to circumvent, much like in real life, and attack powers with Non-Physical can ignore most armor outright. With that said, it's also possible to build armor that normal weapons and even many superpowers can't penetrate, and stacking all three types of armor light, medium, and heavy will make you pretty damn hard to stop.

The only form of armor worth using in 7th Sea is a rare form of nigh-magical armor held by one nation. If you're anyone else That should tell you all you need to know. Technically, they did print statistics for armor, if "it does nothing" counts as statistics. To quote the Player's Guide , "Everyone else simply does without. Each weapon had a strike table against each armour type AT and it was far easier to hit higher armors on average, but you dealt mere damage. Soft and Rigid leather was not only easier to hit and deal damage to, it was far more deadly to wear as critical strike table rolls occured more often!

Medium armors like chain also suffered from this to an extent against many weapons. Not only did critical strike table rolls deal things such as stuns, even the weakest table A had a chance to maim, incapacitate or outright kill your character on a percentage roll! And this is something you not only had to invest dev points in for maneuverability, it also carried a quickness penalty to make you even easier to hit while wearing it! Discussed in the Fate Core System , which by default assigns no special bonuses to either weapons or armor; mechanically, combat is resolved simply using skills, stunts, and aspects just like any other type of conflict.

The point is brought up that if one does make some types of weapons and armor better than others strictly in game terms — and there's explicitly nothing preventing any given GM from doing so —, then player characters will naturally gravitate towards wanting the best, NPCs at least the important ones will have to compensate to not get slaughtered in droves themselves, and it's potentially easy to end up with a game that ends up playing out just the same way it would if it didn't bother with the modifiers in the first place, only with less variety in terms of "useful" equipment.

Which is, of course, a plausible enough outcome, just not necessarily the most entertaining one. In variations that use the Weapon and Armour rating extras, or variations on them, weapon values are generally higher than armour: The only armor that existed with any regularity was the flak jacket, armored flak suit, and anti-laser ablative armor.

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Statistically, any of those armors would stop, on average, three shots from the weapon type they are designed to resist ballistic weapons and lasers, respectively and nothing from everything else. It also only protected a limited portion of the body the flak suit being the exception—covering more of the body and providing a bit more protection, but degrading more quickly due to it being constantly hit. This meant that your rare and highly expensive laser-absorbing armor could be bashed to pieces by a thug with a tree branch and there was nothing you could do about it, and none of this was much good if your characters were called on to fight vehicles or 'Mechs.

Later editions of the game improved this somewhat, but it was only after the advent of the revised second edition that Mechwarrior characters finally had a modicum of protection to call on. In the 4th Edition of Ars Magica Armour actually makes characters more vulnerable to injury.

This is because the encumbrance penalty imposed by the weight of the armour detracts from the character's Defense, giving the opponent a bonus to their Attack Advantage that can be substantial enough to more than compensate for the armour's Soak. Godbound has armour that's useful early on and against weaklings, but the to-hit bonuses a high-level Godbound gets will effectively nullify the attack, and that's if they aren't spending Effort on something that hits automatically.

Also, there are plenty of Gifts that give you an AC on par with heavy armour even if you're naked, although those do cost some of your sharply limited pool of Gift points. They work in a way that the lesser number is stronger, that is, a chain mail armor that gives an AC of 2 is better than a leather armor with an AC of 5. This can be sometimes confusing, i. Both are influenced by character weapons and skills, such as dexterity, or even by spells. In the first game AC was very important and could make the difference, with negative AC making you almost invulnerable against weaker opponents.

But in the sequel expansion Throne of Bhaal major enemies start to get THA C0s ridiculously low to the point of that they will hit you anyway unless they roll a 1 which is a miss. Minor enemies are still suffering your armor, but by that time you are so much powerful that they wouldn't represent a menace at all. In EverQuest , damage mitigation is primarily determined by your character class, with your armor class AC being more effective on some classes like warriors than others.

This means that a warrior wearing a full suit of simple clothing is still going to resist considerably more damage than a wizard wearing the same armor because the former gains more AC from the cloth. Even at the same AC rating, warriors resist more damage than less melee-oriented classes. Furthermore, the actual "type" of armor in EverQuest is irrelevant, as the game makes no inherent distinction between plate armor, chain, leather, or cloth other than how its texture is displayed.

Because of this, there are leather breastplates that provide several times as much protection as steel, and some cloth robes that are considerably more protective than earlier metal varieties. Ultimately, all that matters for protection when it comes to worn items is what level encounter they were obtained from and what classes can wear them. The Elder Scrolls Throughout the series, a character's protection depends more on his skill with the armor class rather than the armor itself though despite this, NPCs are almost always armored appropriately. For example, a character with a high Heavy Armor skill will be better protected in a suit of low quality Iron armor than a character with a low Heavy Armor skill will be in a set of elite Daedric armor.

In Morrowind , NPCs will occasionally reference this trope if the player asks them for advice. You're warned not to judge how tough a fight will be based on the amount or quality of your opponents armor or weapons, as the really powerful characters don't need these things to kill you. The effectiveness of armor skill is discussed in-universe in various instruction manuals and books.

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Also the Redwall forest is not particularly industrialised - something of a lack of iron mines and foundries to provide the wherewithal for armour to be common. Combat is extremely lethal and even the weakest pistol in the game can cause fatal damage with two or three shots to the chest. Lives in lake bottoms, hunting on land. I gave it a try and look where it got me! They enjoy a variety of food, which they eat in massive quantities. As Captain you are considered a role model, therefore we expect that you keep incidents to a minimal, we all make mistakes but we can take steps to prevent them. Jul 02, Bari rated it it was amazing Shelves:

One of the keys to fighting in armor is to not just wear the armor but learn how to move around in the various suits, recognize the resistance in the joints, and understanding how to turn and move so a blow that might hit a weak spot will instead strike unyielding plate. Played straight throughout the series when it comes to magical attacks, as standard armor is completely useless against them.

In order to defend against them, you either need to use specific Anti-Magic spells or enchant them onto your armor as a constant effect. If you max out your heavy armor skill tree, it's possible to reach this cap wearing nothing more advanced than Steel armor the second lowest standard quality.

Armor also depends on the level of smithing and which skill tree you invested in. If you are a master smith, alchemist, and trained in the use of the Light Armor skill, it's very well that a set of simple reinforced leather is actually stronger for you than even something made from dragon bones , or Daedric which is crystallised gods' blood forged with demon hearts. The Vigil of Stendarr, a Church Militant order dedicated to hunting down supernatural threats to mortal life, apparently believe this to be the case.

The only armor they wear are boots and gauntlets, forgoing body armor to wear enchanted robes. Yes, you are wearing a suit that can withstand pressure at the bottom of the ocean. No, that won't help against a gun. Or anything else, for that matter. It's weaker than human skin, but it does have two very important features - because the Big Daddy is a bunch of ADAM-infused organs surgically grafted to a diving suit, you get one whole second of undershirt to prevent fatal damage temporarily, at which point you have the option of using a single medkit, which heals ALL damage.

This represents the Big Daddy's massive health pool, rather than their damage resistance. However, in the first game you do get to equip a Big Daddy diving suit, which, unlike in BioShock 2 , does reduce the damage you take. You still aren't invincible though. Granblue Fantasy tends to play this trope regarding the characters, since the game's inventory system does not include armors and is limited only to weapons, rings, and summons: Some characters who wear a full set of armor and a helmet are designated as Defense types i.

Baotorda, Deliford, Naoise, Vira's Grand version , fully averting this trope. Yet, there are other armor-clad characters who are not Defense-oriented Black Knight, Lancelot, Percival, Rackam , applying this trope. A large number of the playable characters are wearing some types of armor, including those stated above, yet they can still receive the same amounts of damage as any other character without Defensive buffs. It is possible for the player to directly play around this trope with the ability to change a character's appearance and outfit, such as Grand Vira still capable to tanking a huge amount of damage while wearing a swimsuit.

Vaseraga is probably one of the worst offenders. He wears an armor and a helmet in his Dark version, but his kit is focused on attack though his passive allows him to stack defense. You still take as much damage as shirtless male characters or bikini-clad female characters. The female warrior Hilde and male hero Siegfried both wear heavy plate armor, and yet they still take damage at the same rate as the rest of the cast, who wear ordinary clothes, fabric bodysuits, or in Voldo's case, a simple codpiece.

Nightmare too; when he's not Siegfried, he is a set of heavy plate armor and still takes the same amount of damage as all the bondage-clad nudists running around. Plus, Darth Vader is in the fourth game and is subject to the same convention too contradicting the Star Wars example above in "Film". Averted in Sabres of Infinity with Banehardened armor, which, while incredibly expensive, renders the wearer extremely effective protection against conventional weapons.

Played straight in Dead or Alive , with the fully power-armored Space Marine Nicole being just as vulnerable to punches and kicks as the more Stripperiffically-dressed women. In Drakengard , there is no amount of armor you can be wearing, damaged or undamaged, that changes how much damage you take. And in cutscenes, we're shown it works the same way for The Evil Army , although that's possibly because the protagonist is a Badass Normal. Another hit in that state, and he's dead. Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins has a variety of armors, most of which can take more than one hit.

The trouble happens when you need a certain armor that can take only one hit to get past a certain point especially the Angel Armor , meaning that once you lose the armor, you're hosed. Two ways, in fact. Played with for his appearance in Project X Zone.

The Riyria Revelations 1-2 Theft of Swords Audiobook Part 01

Arthur's armor is directly stated to be good against only one hit, but it will protect him from that hit, no matter how powerful it is. This allows him to be able to tank a massive explosion from ground zero. In the anime-themed PC game Shogo: Mobile Armor Division , the enemies come in many varieties, some sporting basic uniforms, others power armor, and still others ten foot tall mini-mechas. But they are mostly spoilers, so I shan't voice … er, write convert to text my perturbation. Oct 10, Liviania rated it really liked it. While I prefer to read series in order, I did skip the second book in the Wereworld series.

I caught on to what was happening pretty fast, although I did miss one or two important instances of character development. This is a series with a gigantic cast. Forgive me if I get any names wron While I prefer to read series in order, I did skip the second book in the Wereworld series. Forgive me if I get any names wrong. Drew, our protagonist, is the last of the Gray Wolves and has a claim to the throne of Lyssia.

His half-brother Prince Lucas wants to keep the throne in Werelion hands. I'll give you three guesses as to whether he incites a rebellion, first two don't count. Meanwhile, his staunchest allies are sailing to a prospective safe haven and the two coolest female characters from the first book are MIA. Gretchen and Whitley, you are missed. The rightful king who will bring peace to the land is not a new plot in children's fantasy. But Curtis Jobling's take is appealing. There's lots of different societies to be navigated, all sorts of monsters, and you'll probably like at least one of the main characters.

Drew's fortunes change several times and his brother Trent makes a meaningful journey, but most of the other plotlines have less direction. And I can't even talk about Hector, oh my. I've enjoyed the two Wereworld books I've read, and they're surprisingly quick reads. Each book is rather thick. But the quickness might be because they're often shallow. Some of them were certainly horrible, but there was none of that horrible wrenching feeling that occurs when a character you empathize with dies. But, as you can probably guess from the covers, this is a series for young boys.

I suspect that they eat it up - even if their parents might be unhappy about some of the violence. May 18, Jesse Wyant rated it it was amazing. I really liked the story line, and how all of the characters were so defined. The author, Curtis Jobling, does a really great job at getting a reader interested in a book, when I was reading it it made me not want to put the book down! That is how good of an author he is. The plot of the story is to show that as long as you have a common goal, anyone can be the most likely of partners. In the story, Drew, Taboo, Drake and Behemoth, along with Krieg all teamed up to kill the leader of a gladiator ring that they were apart of.

They then decided to team up together to go against the cat lords to regain all the land that was taken away while they were gone. At the beginning of the book, they all seemed like the most unusual group of friends that I have ever read about. Taboo is a were-tiger, Krieg is a were-rhino, Drew is a were-wolf, and Behemoth is a were-mammoth.

Griffyn was a were-hawk, but his wings were cut off when the cat lords started to take over. The book does not really say what the time or place that it takes place in. If I had to guess what time period it was taking place in, I would have to say that it would be in the Golden Age of Piracy. I say this because the story talks about being on pirate ships. The place is in a totally different world.

Armor Is Useless

I say this because it is talking about continents that do not and never did exist. If I had to recommend this book to anyone, it would probably be to kids over the age of ten. I say this because it is appropriate for little kids, but still has some violent scenes, and some swearing. If anyone likes to read about mythological creatures, this would be that book. Nov 02, Timothy Pitkin rated it liked it Shelves: A good chapter in the story of Wereworld but there are a few problems like for one I felt there may have been to many storylines as we keep jumping from Drew's story to Hector's and then they thrown in Trent and it kind of makes the story feel a little bloated as there is just so much to keep track of.

Like to be honest I would have cut out Trent's storyline and maybe saved that for a big reveal as it does seem kind of pointless as nothing really significant happens there. And maybe used more ti A good chapter in the story of Wereworld but there are a few problems like for one I felt there may have been to many storylines as we keep jumping from Drew's story to Hector's and then they thrown in Trent and it kind of makes the story feel a little bloated as there is just so much to keep track of.

And maybe used more time to develop the other werelords and their backstories. But still nice addition with just a few problems and kind of curious about Hector's future. Jul 02, Bari rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was book 3 in the Werelord Series. There have been times when I get really into a series and the first two are really good and then book 3 just somehow doesn't live up to my expectations.

This was definitely not the case here. Book 3 was just as good as the first 2. Werelord series is a unique blend of fantasy shape shifters of all types , high adventure and action that will keep the pages turning. I stumbled upon this series a while back and so glad I did. This is a really great series an This was book 3 in the Werelord Series. This is a really great series and can't wait for book 4. Jan 25, Mad about rated it it was amazing.

Another amazinf wereworld story! May 28, Deepti Bharadwaj rated it really liked it. The book is an excellent read. The plot is very exciting and doesn't leave you disappointed, though i must say the alarming death rate in this book did annoy me. The third book in my opinion is the best of the the first three.

The way Drew's character has grown sice the beggining of his journey leaves me impressesed again,even though he seems to become more and more like Eragon as the books progress. This is the third book in an absolutely fantastic fantasy adventure series. I'm looking forward to book four. Apr 09, Arkarian Xerxes rated it it was amazing. Nov 25, Chantal rated it really liked it Shelves: The rollercoaster ride of adventure and horror continues Feb 21, Alexander Draganov rated it it was amazing.

Nonstop action, unexpected character development Hector, I'm looking at you, filthy swine and very original! Best epic fantasy in years! Jun 11, Elizabeth Jade rated it it was amazing Recommended to Elizabeth by: The series is so good there are no words in the dictionary to describe how I feel. I'll just have to do my best. I was never really interested in Werewolves, they seemed pretty dull and unoriginal but these book with their fantastic character and world building creates a new twist on werewolves that is exciting and interesting from beyond down to the core.

The series has such a simple concept that flourishes into something amazing, which is not so easily done except with a greatly skilled and imaginative Author. The books will lift you up and bring you down, they will make you laugh and they will make you cry, they will make you sit up fraught with tension and they will make you eager for more. These books will definitely not disappoint. When I first picked up this book series I was in year 8 of high school and read 'Rise of the Wolf' and 'Rage of lions' in one day. Obviously I was hooked from the get go. Unfortunately, my school did not have the rest of the books so I had to wait.

The worst years of my life, Year 11 and all books bought in a box set on Kindle After all this time and exams had passed I had months to read the series and boy did i, it took me less than a week one book a day and then I re-read it and then I re-read it again. I think you can work out from what I have written so far that it was definitely worth the wait, but don't do what I did, get your hands on the books as soon as possible.

Also make sure you buy them as proper books rather than on Kindle, certainly one of my greatest regrets and therefore I would love to receive all the books in paperback with this front cover talking to you Curtis Jobling or future boyfriend, id love you forever. If I could I would give it stars.

Aug 10, Hailey rated it really liked it Shelves: I wish there was more dialogue, honestly. Yes, but there were surprises. Sometimes a little slow, others a bit rushed. I love this series: Jan 16, Tessa Burg rated it liked it. In this book of the series, Drew finds himself a slave, fighting to the death against other humans and animals.

He escapes with the help of his friends after suffering for a considerable amount of time. While he ventures across the sea to find the hawks, the wolfguard spends time running away from the lionguard. Drew's brother, Trent, attempts to search for Drew. Hector makes a dangerous deal with the undead, risking his life.

After he is saved by a shark-man, Vega, he decides to kill him becaus In this book of the series, Drew finds himself a slave, fighting to the death against other humans and animals. After he is saved by a shark-man, Vega, he decides to kill him because of his knowledge. After injuring Vega and throwing him off of the ship, everyone assumes Vega is dead, so the wolfguard tricks Hector into being left behind on an island.

Hector is captured by Slotha, but encourages her to bring him to the lion king. This book is very action-packed and has many twists to the plot. Apr 10, Rick Stuckwisch rated it really liked it. Non stop excitement in this series, with lots of action and intrigue, and a twisting, turning tale of dramatic adventure.

It definitely keeps pulling us forward with interest and anxious anticipation, though, I must say, that the circumstances continue to go from bad to worse for the protagonists. Lots of fighting and battles throughout, but also personal drama and character development. The worl Non stop excitement in this series, with lots of action and intrigue, and a twisting, turning tale of dramatic adventure.

The world building is solid and well done. The characters are colorful, distinct, and well developed. We're already on to the next book in the series, and we are all enjoying it. Jobling writes amazing characters then horribly twists them or murders them. Yet still after that the books are still amazing. Dec 05, Raymond rated it liked it.

Sep 19, Adhvay rated it it was amazing. I am 12 years old. I liked the book very much because there were many twists and turns. Feb 26, Noah Clingo rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. These statistics should be forwarded to individual departments they relate to.

Statistics regarding the loss of members should be forwarded to the Department of Progression for further investigation. It is very important that we are aware if our members have problems with UCR or if they thing something needs to be fixed. Metsfan] - [Department Assistants: Since the most common way to earn a referral will be though a training event, Progression should be in communication with the Member Development department to ensure that they are handed out in a consistent way.

Community affairs is also managed by this department, it ensures that recreational activities are held for the enjoyment of UCR that don't necessarily have an educational element other than giving members time to bond as friends and colleagues. Our members must constantly be aware of upcoming events and how they can part take in them.

The DoP ensures that our members are attending these events and are at most enjoying them. This is not external events, since this is the Internal Affairs Department. By managing the recruitment center, and making sure our members are recruiting possible candidates for UCR, UCR's member count increases and makes the clan more visible to others looking to join.

The DoP must keep track of these referrals to make sure that our members are receiving promotions when needed. These Captain tests must be read and managed by the DoP to ensure that our members achieve the middle rank they strive for. I made a pledge to reform UCR for the better, these reforms have not just been written by me, but by various others in the High Council. Their feedback on the reform that is presented before you have been invaluable to shaping the UCR that both you and I want to see. Good Evening one and all, With the events that occurred within this last hour, many of us have been left in shock and uproar.

The person we have trusted with the presidency has stabbed us in the back and killed the clan we once called our home. Shutting down the clan was a fools move and should never have been an idea in the first place. UCR was dying yes, but you don't kill your cat when it has a broken leg. Killer is too much of a coward to admit that he couldn't revive UCR, too foolish to realize that he was going to get scammed by Onur, and because of this he decides shutting down UCR is the best thing to do.

I ask for your attention so that we can come together and persuade Killer to stop this. UCR has gone through hell and back multiple times but we have never fully given up because we have always had hope and have always put in the effort to try to keep the clan going. That doesn't stop now. I ask for the followers of the shield, the veterans, my friends, and even my enemies to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. If UCR ever needed people to support its rebirth, it's now. This isn't about me though, this is about the clan.

We're not going anywhere. Our first order of business is to rally up and join together as a community to show killer what a mistake he has made. If we're going down, we're not going down quietly. This is our last stand ladies and gentlemen, so show that you stand with me, that you stand with your friends, and most importantly, that you stand with the Red Shield. I encourage all of you to leave your messages for Killer on this thread, leave your signatures of approval, and voice your opinions. For more updates on this operation, you can also show your support by joining this group: As you know, UCR will be having an official tournament with squads.

A thread was posted a couple of days ago regarding the deathmatches and how they would operate. Visit the thread before continuing with this one: As you might have known from the previous post regarding upcoming events, we will be hosting a series of squad deathmatches. These matches will act in a tournament type fashion where winning will allow your squad to advance. A squad deathmatch is where small teams known as, squads, compete against each other for an objective.

There are not two but several teams on the field who are competing for one objective while stacking up kills. The reason for us to establish the grounds for such an activity is because we want to support the use of squads during raids and defends. We believe that teamwork is vital to win a raid or defense. We hope that after these deathmatches that our members will continue to stick with these squads and openly battle when UCR is in war. We want our members to create and manage their own squads in order to completely enjoy and experience the matches.

Before creating a squad, there are some rules set to how your squad will be established: Each squad should have members who are experienced with swords, guns and even both. If your squad is eliminated, you are not allowed to join another squad. You cannot leave your squad once the matches begin - once the squad deathmatches have begun, you cannot leave your squad. If you leave the squad, you will NOT be allowed to join another squad. If we see you are on a squad and you're not registered, we will kick you from the server.

If a member of your squad does not show up, you will still be required to battle. If no members of the squad show up, you will be disqualified. Once you have read the above rules and have managed to create a squad, you must then register it to make it official. To register your squad, post your squad here with the name of all the members. If a see that a member of your squad denies he was in your squad, you must then post a modified version of the list without that member. The squad deathmatches will take place over a course of July.

We will be hosting them at a modified version of our upcoming fort. There will be more information posted later with official squad lists. We hope that these squads are a way for our UCR members to practice and compete with their combat skills. These squad matches will go over a course of a month and hopefully we will have a match ever other day during July.

Register your squad below and hope to see you in the battlefield! We had decided to let members post their squads on that thread but it become crowded and a lot of unofficial squads were posted. You will now be required to register your squad on this thread with an official format. Again, please visit the thread above for official rules. Signify the leader of the squad on top of the list 2.

Post the list in descending order 4. Name of the squad should be on the absolute top 5. Minimum 3 members and maximum 5 eg. Declaration of War against Sleet Clan: Months in peace, training, working have prepared us for this invasion and war which we set our foot down into.

Our legacy will remain untainted by these invasions and this war we have begun; we will prevail. We have longed to war against a clan which troubled our lands since the beginning of It is time for retribution for the occupation they set onto our people and homelands. We begin the invasions upon Sleet Clan.

We desire no hatred for the future for the war that was set to this document - only a way for two clans of the past with rich history to clash once again for the last end. To invade the lands and secure a victory to home. Tonight we train, and tomorrow we attack. War Terms open for negotiations: These are the bases for each side, they are to not be changed without War Command consent and discussion. Killer owes me a Tailslide. We were having a best out of three Pokemon battling tournament, and I won. The terms were if I won, I received his Tailslide. However, he has failed to deliver and instead "accidentally" gave it to one of his friends.

Attorneys are the reason we need attorneys. United Clan of R…. Dear Viewer, This series of Historic Journals from VTG has been carefully preserved from many years of documentation through multiple floppy disks yes I old schooled. Please take into consideration all those individuals have not been recognized for their contribution.

May they be given recognition. The new emblem even received praise from the Founder Kinglime! After a few minutes Kinglime announced he would finish a base and it'll be up and running by the next day. Boy this group was far ahead of the other Roblox Groups! Kinglime announces that LordNathan called him a noob over a simple Decal to make for Xst. Armitroner wanted recognition for the emblem, since the new members automatically gave Kinglime the credit.

Kinglime gave Armitroner credit up on the group description since Armitroner posted on the wall that he deserved more credit. Kinglime apologized and corrected that mistake. Unfortunately we were not first place in the Group World. Telamon's Group was beating us.

That was the "LOL" Group. We were a bit confused of who was the th Member of UCR. Oh and what a laugh when Tomukai announced we had members. He also added that "We have more loyal members than xst has brains. Kinglime thought Tomukai's comment to be jovial. We kept a tight eye on xst and noticed that xst new member intake had suddenly stopped for at that moment. Something else that also contributed the xst rivalry. A comment by Fettes that he thanked Armitroner and Kinglime for making this clan better than the xst. Show your appreciation to Armitroner when you get the chance!

Yes we had many new members loyal to the shield, shouting "kill the freakin' xst! Others also mentioned that xst does not have many brains nor knowledge. Xst at that time only had 41 group members. Remember those annoying times when people on the wall posted "Join my Clan, it's called [fill in the blank]" In my opinion that was challenging the growth of UCR.

Though Roblox allowed us to join 5 groups. Thank you Kinglime for letting others know not to advertise groups. One of the problems that Kinglime noticed was that he could not advertise for the Group. Wow he was sure ahead of his time! The only real way to advertise group back then was through the Forums under Clan Guide and typing on the keyboard letting others know about the group in games.

The lowest rank in UCR at that time was Member. A forum was made around Sadly Kinglime spelled Armitroners name wrong. Guess he was excited! The th Person is unknown to this day. We do know that Assain1 was the member. The first recorded person to leave UCR during its "birth" was superroblox The st member was Adam at 1: UCR received members by 2: Shilo joined UCR at 2: Both two individuals that will play a part in the Future of UCR. Wearing the UCR Uniform was not mandatory.

Many people bought it, few wore it. One of the High Ranks at that time Johnny told members that those who do not wear the uniform should be kick immediately. Johhny also stated that those who do not buy and wear the UCR Jacket could not go into battle. I would never forget what MasterDude said later today.

He hoped that UCR will never tolerate such bad behavior inside a clan and that we will treat the U. I believe that will make UCR more of a family. Much different than the other clans right now. The th was zolock and the th person to join UCR was nate By 4: UCR has Members and the day hasn't even ended! We are going to do something! Kinglime just requested all of us to go to Lord Nathans places, since we were going to attack! Hardly anyone showed up I've noticed that for a clan that has members not many have bought the Jacket yet.

I am glad that many people are offering their place to become an UCR Base! Once we get 1, members we are going to war to defeat LordNathan and his xst Clan. Another clan will be helping us and that will be Drift Inc. The th member of UCR is sadly Mark Kinglime just said if we favorite the jacket 1, times by midnight we will get a huge surprise!

I'm going to some games and start bringing people in! Haha just checked xst legion It's not even midnight yet and we completed the 1, member mark and the 1, mark on the jacket we are going to get two surprises! Kinglime also to tell us to spread the word! Kinglime introduced our Motto! Some people have left so we are bouncing up and down between the marks of 1, members. Kinglime also commented that if every single member wears the uniform there will be another surprise! Mark89 one of the most ridiculous members here Oh come on Kinglime How about the first 15 members that joined UCR?

What do we get? Well we reached a solid 1, member by Slicer is the 1,th member of UCR! He wins the prize! Well at least we all win a prize though slicer gets something extra. Apparently Armitroner knows of the surprise. Oh there it is! Guess I'll have to wait about 14 hours Over 15 hours and UCR has over 1, members that is quite impressive! Been wondering were the Higher Ranks will have a meeting to discuss what we should do with this clan. Hi, I'm Senator Feraloxide, and I'm creating a petition.

This petition is to update Orion with a 'Super Saiyan' script. This script would serve no function other than making you a Super Saiyan, and adds no real abilities. This script can be activated by anyone regardless of their team KOs by typing 'ssj' into the chat. Allow me to be the first to sign, - Senator Feraloxide. Nothing can be made easy, not even learning to walk, but it is those difficult stages in life that make us who we are, without them we simply lose our ability to be unique, to be able to say I am different.

The road is so unique, so odd, so different and yet so simple. It's great twists and twirls are neither here nor there and will never be the same for anyone else, because the road you travel is not what others make of it, but what you make of it. Every last piece of detail has been carefully crafted to your perfection, you are the designer, the architect, the owner, and the wanderer.

All and yet one, how is that even possible? Simple, whatever you believe and hope to achieve your mind will adapt to your ideas. The impossible will become possible, the unknown will become visible and become known. Life's greatest mysteries will finally be put before you, all the knowledge we could hope for will be there waiting for that final step. The end is now insight for me and a new beginning awaits, time is running slow and constant, but one day, someday, those grains of sand will run fast, and when it does I want to be ready. I want to be the person who can say, yes I did it, I achieved not only my goals, but helped countless others to achieve theirs.

To bring happiness, courage and the daring determination to those who have non. To be the one who has nothing left to achieve, to have no regrets or thoughts about what I have done. That is when I will reach the end. Gone will be those bumps and turns, no more hills nor valleys, not even a single drop of landscape. No more will there be that spectrum of light that so easily divides us from seeing what's really out there. No black or green, no red nor blue, instead everything will be that one colour, the colour that allows us to see clearly, without altering our perspective through visual aid.

Instead there will be perfection, that drop of white which without it, would mean no colours at all. For everything in life is made up of one simple thing, which is then included within everything else, allowing for change, yet if you remove that one simple thing what will you have left?

It is not the complex things in life that makes us who we are, it is the simple things, and without them we are lost, trapped. This is the final piece of your imagination, that in which is the one that fits everything together. The purest form of perfection, and for that reason there is everything yet nothing. That is the real achievement in life. Allowing to see things clearly, without doubts or regrets, colours to cloud our judgement, to keep things together, despite not knowing what's ahead. If you trust in yourself, then everything else will become true, because if you do not trust in yourself, then who else will?

I would like to thank everyone in WIJ for everything they have given me, every single opportunity, no matter how big or small because it has defined myself as an individual, and allowed me to become who I am today. Sometimes in life you are faced with choices, and although to most the correct answer seems easy, to you it is not. The choice in which I have made today, doesn't just affect me, but those who I have so long protected along with those who will receive my protection in my next step of my Roblox life.

I cannot tell you that the road ahead is going to be easy, or that there is not going to be any problems along the way as that will be speculation, and one which is probably not going to be true. However what I can tell you is that I will do everything within my ability to ensure the best for UCR, even if those hard decisions have to be made, because we as a clan are only as strong as our members. Therefore I want to let you all know that no matter what your rank, you are all important and have a part to play. Every single decision you make no matter how big or how small will have an effect on not just yourself but those around you, and ultimately it's those small decisions that we make which alter the bigger picture, such as the way we act, how we treat others, and most of all the level of respect in which we are given.

All of you will be given my respect, and from then on it is up to you if you keep it, through your actions and the way in which you treat others will determine how long you keep it. I myself believe in second chances, no matter what the past has shown, because if we were not given second chances, would we be where we are today? It is easy to forget about our own past when looking at that person in front of you, but it is our past what makes us who we are, so I believe in order to be ourselves, we should give other people the chances that we were given. Therefore I would like to encourage you all to think of this as a fresh start for UCR, and I will do everything I can to ensure you enjoy it.

Thank you all for reading. Henry David Thoreau, a renowned transcendentalist once said, "You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one. One must set foundations in the past, so that they can build upon them in the future. The only way to achieve success, the only way to be somebody is to build upon yourself. It is my hope that the words of these various leaders and members here in the United Clan of Roblox will help us build the future. UCR can make things happen. You have not been forgotten. You have not been seen as expendable. I, and positive others feel the same, Care about the future of UCR.

And the members, new and old, are our future. The continuation of a clan legacy that has not fallen, that has been tried by darkness itself. Through it all UCR has triumphed. No member, be it any rank, should feel discouraged to succeed in UCR. To succeed in Roblox, or the real world.

You are the future. Learn well, and never forget who you are. It is us that are seen by god, not our legacy, not our flaws, simply the content of our hearts. UCR for me is where I met many of my friends on Roblox, this clan has seen many changes, and throughout I manage to become attached to the owner of the clan like a family. Don't ever let circumstances, events, or other individuals tell you that completeness within UCR. Never give up because giving up is a mistake that I made myself.

Enjoy UCR because after all its one heck of an experience. I can't wait for the next one to be elected. UCR is history to me, my friends, and to the whole Roblox community. UCR is a very epic clan to join. Mister here just wanted to give you some words of inspiration. So in UCR, hence the name, we are united! This means, be united and strong as a group!

No trying to push others down to get to the top. Earn your ranks by being active in the group and trainings! Another thing is, get a little famous in the community, in a GOOD way. You can do this by posting on the walls, forums, and other things related to clans and UCR. This is a short speech, but I hope it was helpful! An Old Historical Family. Tdfall, our president currently leading us.

Get A Copy

The vines wrap around the branches, we must learn from our Higher Ranks. Even in the hardest of time's UCR prevails showing it's true power. I myself am an Advanced. I love working with my fellow lower and higher Ranks. Ranks do not matter, what only matters is that we are One Big Family. I'm actually kind of new here. Let me say this to all of you: Work towards your goals, UCR isn't the type of clan you can just give up on.

It's one of a kind. I'm sure you feel the same way. Good luck to you all. Their success is the result of setting goals and working hard to achieve those goals. In other words, successful people plan to succeed.

You, too, can plan to succeed. Good intentions will not help you succeed. The art of leading is telling others what to do. The art of being a family is the art of being united. What a perfect clan for a family. Don't think to the future, think to what's right in front of you. The members are friendly and welcoming, we have fantastic leaders and nothing can separate us. UCR has all that to offer and more! I recently quit a group called Reign of Chaos as a HR, the reason why I quit was because no one appreciated me after all I did for the clan UCR appreciates every single member and that relieves me of being underappreciated in this clan.

Everyone should feel safe under UCR's presence because all of UCR's members are strong, and I believe that everyone has special ways of contributing to the clan. I strive to become a great leader, and you guys are like my role models. I want to be like you guys someday, and that is why I look up to you. We always used to visit UCR recruitment centers and bases to hang out with the soldiers. They were nice and they definitely showed interest in a lot of subjects. They were intelligent, and kind, to noobs Like I was.

A person who really impacted my life in UCR was sigars He was very intelligent, and he was always there to talk to. I met him when I got builders club. We hang out for some times and we argued sometimes. But no matter what, no matter how harsh we were against each other, he never quit on me. He showed me how to be an UCRian, in discipline and kindness.

Looks like it's paid off now that I am a Senator. A couple months later, all my friends bailed on me. TDfall has been probably the best leader I have ever followed in my robloxian life, and I hope that continues. Still today I face challenges and sometimes I wanted to quit. I promise you I will never take the road Boombaby took.

I used to look up to him as my mentor. Now all I can say about him is that is was a friend from the past. I promise to forever stay together with my family in the UCR. All the fun we have, including the countless times we've won. I have always admired every single member, in the way that they give their time to join it, and stick to it! At that time I had no idea how great UCR is, I was just mindlessly joining trainings and wanted to gain power so I could be respected. But I was wrong; being power corrupted is not good at all. I realize that it's not power that is important it was loving my family, protecting them and leading them to a better future, I realized my mistake.

Now, I know how much I love this family. It is like my home in Roblox that I could always tell my pains, suffering, joy and excitement. No matter, win or lose I will always love, help and protect this family Win or lose I will love my family and protect them till I leave Roblox. We are a family in UCR, we fight for one and other, you can make great friends I Know I did and you get to learn social and maturity skills.

It has changed my outlook on life to say the least. UCR helped me to gain my confidence and leadership skills. I cannot express how much fun and great UCR is, everyone is kind, caring, forgiving and a team player. You can argue other clans have this but UCR shows it in plain sight. As a senator I expect nothing more from our members or other ranks but to do their best.

I admire The Members because of there dedication and respect. I have been in the others, and nothing compares to UCR. The fact is, you can get training in the others, but you can not get the sense of community and unity in other clans like you do in UCR. I suggest anyone that is looking for clans to give it a shot. I gave it a try and look where it got me! Benblue and Djboot were my two favorite leaders. I had some of the best times in their Eras.

I also really like UCR because it teaches me a lot and I feel like a family. It is also very active, and I always see at least one training a day. Members continue to learn and strive for the best. TDfall is a great leader. He talks to anyone, low ranks to high ranks alike. If you join UCR, you will stay; you will have a better meaning.

Do you want money or to be known? There are many ways, but what if you don't fit any of them? In UCR, you can: Get more friends and even get money! Are you getting bored of simply going to games? Do you want some responsibility? UCR will give you these kinds of things. We're not just some power-hungry random group out there, we are a family, we are united, we are all friends.

So why don't you head over to http: However, one group rose above the rest. That was UCR, gaining members at an unprecedented rate. That is why I adore it so. We are not simply the "United Clan of Roblox. The very fact that we have persevered so long on the support of veterans and newcomers alike is a testament to our fortitude.

A clan where the people triumph over all else, and a clan where opportunities arise everywhere. I call UCR the clan of opportunity and for good reason. You are treated like family in UCR, and the good nature of the clan members fosters development and creates opportunities to move up in the clan world. Since the start I trust you.

And until the end I trust you. With our union, nothing can threat us. With our union, no enemy is strong enough. With our union, nothing can stop us. The red and white stripes shall fly over the skies when our imminent victory comes! It's the first superpower on Roblox so you can say it's very strong. One of the most successful robloxians here in UCR was its leader 3 times. Times have been great, but even during the dark ages UCR has pulled through.