Bless All Who Serve: Sources of Hope, Courage and Faith for Military Personnel and Their Families

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Maintaining a Right Attitude. Also includes a tribute to soldiers and a soldier's prayer. A must have for every Soldier for maintaining inner strength during a time of intense stress.

A Soldier's Prayers

Debbie Ballagh is the founder and director of Servant's Heart, a ministry of mercy, helps, and encouragement. She earned an M. She is married to Michael, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and has three sons. She resides in Central Virginia. Daily Strength for the Battle. Volume 1 - Training for Spiritual Excellence. Volume 3 - Building Resilient Marriages and Families. Volume 4 - Navigating Life's Storms.

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Originally begun 15 years ago for military warriors going through tough training at a combat training center, these devotionals quickly proved to have wide appeal. Seven weeks of teaching and insights for every battle. A new theme each week. Practical wisdom taken from real battlefield stories. Pocket sized pages. Military family members and civilians from all walks of life have expressed their appreciation for the powerful biblical lessons shared in a brief, practical, and interesting style.

E The Essential One Hundred. Have you ever wanted to read the Bible but didn't know where to start? What should I study? Who will help me? Making it through the Bible is a challenge, but it's worth it. You'll get the big picture without getting bogged down. See you on the trail! The Personal Reflection Guide contains simple questions for every day of the journey that helps you move from simply reading the passage to critically considering how its truths apply to you.

Daily encouragement for military wives. As a military wife, if you have ever felt overlooked and undernourished as you strive daily to meet the needs of everyone around you—in a culture that largely does not understand your stressful lifestyle—this book is for you. E-mail Gene Eble at Gene. More daily encouragement for military wives. Daily Encouragement for Military Wives.

As husbands are being deployed multiple times, the women left behind desperately need encouragement and strength to maintain the home-front. Often lonely, frequently overwhelmed by the needs around her, and continually stressed by a unique lifestyle, she needs to be equipped as to how to respond biblically to the daily struggles that threaten to wear her down.

Each devotional is based on the unchanging character of God and the anchor we have in Jesus Christ offering encouragement, strength, community, and hope to the heroes at home. And a free online study guide is available at FaithDeployed. A Bible study and devotional for the film Hacksaw Ridge. CRU Military, Copyright Link to FREE download.

Service members pledge to serve and even die so we can live our lives in freedom. Heather Gray, Copyright Just as Heather Gray and her deployed husband realized, many military couples need more than their own imaginations to keep their marriages flourishing during deployments.

This is their answer to that dilemma. During her husband David's last deployment to Afghanistan, Heather and he realized the need for a devotional that would not only draw them closer to the Lord, but also to each other while separated.

They envisioned a combination of scripture memorization, stories of hope and struggles, a revitalization of the lost art of letter writing, and practical ideas for keeping connected during deployment. Sadly, three months after beginning the project, David was killed in action.

Church Military Ministry Resources

She knew then the value of the devotional they had been writing for military couples. At first Heather didn't think she could finish it without his input and support. But in the months that followed, she realized that we actually learn and grow the most through our pain and trials.

She finished the devotional with the hope it would be as much a blessing for other military couples as it was for her and David. Faith in the Fog of War Volume 1. Stories of triumph and tragedy in the midst of war. Chris Plekenpol, Copyright You want the flare of your faith to burn as intensely as a fire on the battlefield. These devotions are written by a man who had considered war something that someone else always did, and was then himself deployed to Iraq as a company commander. Because in war, as in contemporary America , reality involves struggle, trial, and triumph.

War screams the same questions whispered in everyday life. The battlefield explodes with the same tenacity of emotions that wretch our souls. Smoke fills the air just as doubt clouds our minds. Are you on the frontlines of war overseas? Or perhaps your battle is personal, deep within.

These devotions, penned by Captain Chris Plekenpol while on the battlefield in Iraq, expose the depths of inexplicable suffering as well as the heights of incredible victory in God. Faith in the Fog of War Volume 2. Let us die to make men free. Stories of triumph and tragedy in the midst of battle. A compilation of inspiring devotionals that use life and combat situations to bring God's word to life.

Finding Hope Beyond the Battle.

Prayer for Troops

A Bible for military families. This new NIV Bible, developed specifically for military families, points to our greater hope beyond all personal and political battles. Study notes will help you explore the unfolding drama of God's story, summarized in five acts. Teaching your children to pray through separations. Angela Curlee, Copyright Separations from military family members can cause children stress that comes out in sleeplessness, behavioral problems, and depression. God has given us his word to guide us through these times and ease these issues. The word of the Lord has so much to offer on saftey, protection, loneliness, and peace.

Teaching a child to turn to the Lord and pray through hard times is the best gift we can give them as parents. I pray that you and your children will be blessed by this book! Enjoy the daily activities as they help keep your child and soldier united during separations. The military wife's spiritual survival guide. Sara Horn, Copyright As a military wife, caring for your home and family is a mission that never stops.

You want to support your husband while he serves, but you often wonder if you have what it takes. Currently, more than one million military wives care for their families and their homes, often while their husbands are deployed out of state or overseas for months at a time. These women can experience a roller coaster of emotions including disappointment, loneliness, and fear. Sara Horn, the wife of a navy reservist, understands the challenges these women face.

She knows how to talk about faith and spiritual truths through the filter of military life. In her encouraging book, Horn shares her personal stories, as well as wisdom and anecdotes of other wives from all branches of service. She reminds readers that: Lessons in contentment from nearby and faraway. Janet Benlien Reeves, Copyright According to Isaiah The good news is: God will go with you. He created the place after all—wherever it is! Women who move frequently can begin to lose hold of the roots and long-term relationships that help bring stability and support to both spiritual and family life.

These women must discover unique ways to hold firm to their faith and identity in the midst of constant change. Journey of a Military Wife.

Courage and hope kept navy men lost at sea alive

God's truth for every step Set of 4 books. Brenda Pace, Copyright Link to order your FREE set of books. A devotional series written by Dr. Brenda Pace for military wives. Journey online through Bible stories that shed timeless — and practical — truth on issues you will encounter in a life of military service. Deployment, separation, reintegration, relocation, or many other situations, these studies will point you to the Lord for direction, help, and encouragement. Download for free - www. Written by a career military chaplain with Special Forces experience, it guides the reader to connect Biblical truth with the challenges of the military experience.

On Track Devotions - Military Edition. The included User Guide walks the reader through the basics of inductive Bible Study Observation, Interpretation, Application, Implementation , allowing them to start at their current skill level and work to develop skill while diving into the meat of the Word of God.

The first month covers Psalms The second month covers Psalms , including the well-know Psalm While the content is a change of pace from the original month Military Devotional, this study uses the same inductive Bible study format. Jocelyn Green, Copyright Frequent moves, unpredictable schedules, extended deployments, reintegrationand, in some cases, caregivingall make a military spouse like you hungry for the stability and peace found in God's Word.

Pocket Prayers for Military Life: 40 Simple Prayers That Bring Faith and Courage

This special New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs is designed to address your unique needs, hopes, fears, struggles, and insecurities. And since no one can speak to you as you journey through this unique situation like someone who has gone through it, this New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs includes 90 special devotions written by military wives and edited by Jocelyn Green, a former military wife who actively ministers to women in your situation.

Let her words of help and hope, alongside God's Word, encourage you as you serve our country in your own way. Peace for the Military Family. Biblica Publishing, Copyright Containing the New International Version NIV New Testament, additional devotional articles prepared for military families brings peace to those who live with the ones who serve in the armed forces.

Hope, anger, fear, loneliness, marriage, sorrow, suffering, weariness. Also includes book overviews, and "The Big Picture of the Bible. Promises and Prayers for You in the Military. The Zondervan Corporation, Copyright A wonderful little booklet filled with promises and prayers from the Bible. Scripture promises and prayers are categorized by topic, some of which include: Psalm 91 - God's Shield of Protection.

Peggy Joyce Ruth, Copyright You will be taken through Psalm 91 verse-by-verse, unfolding the promises of protection from God. While there are other promises of protection found throughout the Bible, Psalm 91 is the only place in the Word where all of them are brought together in one collection. Testimonies include those who survived a Nazi prison camp and have endured the turbulent times while fighting recently in Iraq, as well as a story from legendary author Corrie Ten Boom.

We will remember that the Lord has not made us to fear but to have power, love, and a sound mind. Contents in general, as each service has its own guidebook: Story of a prominent service member. How to know Christ is in your life. How to be a disciple of Christ. What is the Bible? Can a Christian be a warrior? Dealing with tough times. Regardless, UUs on active duty face challenges. Although there are now more than a dozen UU chaplains across all the branches of the US services, UU chaplains make up a tiny percentage of the chaplain corps.

Because of this, UU military members may have difficulty finding religious supports that reflect their progressive values. The challenges may continue when UUs come home; Veterans may feel isolated and wonder how they will be welcomed back to their churches. We aim to provide spiritual supports to service members and their families during active duty and when they come home. In addition, we fully affirm people openly serving in the military and have been a leader in pressing for the rights of this community in the military.

He served as an intern with the CLF. Military ministry resources for churches. Scroll down for more information about: Additional resources listed above. Christian Reformed Church of North America. Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod. Do you know someone overcome by the weight of life?

They may be depressed, nervous, stressed, anxious or troubled. They need compassion, hope, care and spiritual healing.

Prayers in a Time of War

Bless All Who Serve and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Rev. Dr. Matthew Tittle is a Unitarian Universalist minister, retired Navy commander and former university professor. Start reading Bless All Who Serve on your Kindle in under a minute. Bless All Who Serve. Sources of Hope, Courage and Faith for Military Personnel and Their Families. Also available as an eBook from Google.

A downloadable week Bible study that address the spiritual issues veterans face when readjusting to to life after combat. Brian Kimball and U. A downloadable ministry care plan for Southern Baptist churches and ministers serving as Reserve Component Chaplains to use before, during, and after deployment. Virginia Baptist Mission Board. This file is available to any civilian clergy.

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This booklet contains information to assist Civilian Clergy in providing ministry to family members of mobilized members of the National Guard and Reserves. Army Chief of Chaplains is grateful to partner with civilian clergy of various denominational backgrounds to more effectively minister to community based family members of the military Reserve Forces. This booklet may be reproduced as necessary US Marine Corps Chaplains.

US Navy Chaplain Corps. We welcome you to learn more about us on this website, and appreciate your prayers as our members strive to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with the Lord our God Micah 6: These resources are freely available to all of our men and women serving our country, as well as veterans and family members. Military Bible Challenge website Bible engagement resources for leaders.

Military Bible Challenge app Devotions on your mobile devices. God Understands Devotional series for U. Journey of a Military Wife Online devotional for women.

Rezilient Life A place for military teens. Engage Your Strengths Find out how God uniquely created you. Cadence International - Share the gospel and your life with the military community. Comprised of nearly 4 million people, the U. Armed Forces personnel spiritual truths of military life in light of the Catholic faith.