Two Beasts Three Deadly Wounds and Fifteen Popes

The Beast (Revelation)
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So we can nail this down: Back to Revelation Prophecy provides the answer. A holy angel confirmed:. The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues Revelation True to both prophecy and history, ancient Babylonia, Persia, Greece and Rome all arose from the midst of a sea of peoples in Europe and the Middle East.

Not so with the Revelation The primary Lamb of God is Jesus Christ. Crowns represent kingly power. Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the temple and pillaged the city. It was once more predicted that Jerusalem would fall by the sword a second time Dan. This too was fulfilled so precisely that, today the ninth of Av is a memorial day for the Jewish people because it is believed that the destruction of both the first and second temples was carried out on the same exact day.

The Second Temple, too, would be destroyed four centuries later on the very same date, the ninth of Av. So then, according to John in Revelation chapter 13, any entity that is represented by this beast would at some point be Slain To Death with a sword. That is to say that it would die, be destroyed, lose its life as a result of the wound of the sword — however, the death blow would be healed and the beast would live again.

Although French Republican troops under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Italy, defeated the papal troops in , when General Berthier marched to Rome on February 10, he entered it unopposed, proclaimed it a Roman Republic and demanded of the Pope the renunciation of his temporal power which the pope refused to concede to [15].

The pope was relieved of his temporal power only for a short space of one year. While the French was planning to deport the Pope to France and the Russian-Austrian coalition planning to restore the pope to his pontifical throne, the pope died of old age on August 29, in Valencia [16]. The death of the pope came not by the sword but by old age. This event of the imprisonment and death of the pope did not abolish the papacy, the Vatican City was not destroyed, nor were the Papal States destroyed. One year after the death of Pius VI the papacy was back up and running with a new pope, Pope Pius the VII who became the longest serving pope in history.

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Susan Vandliver on page 21 of the book Imperial City: The papacy would hold position of the Papal States for another 72 years with a few temporary loses until they were ultimately seized in the Capture of Rome in White appeared to have admitted this fact that the events of were not tantamount the abolition of the papacy, evident in her changing of some of the wording in her edition of the Great Controversy as reflected in the edition.

For example, on page of the Old Edition she wrote: Individuals such as the late Dr. Samuel Bacchiocchi, contend that even a change from abolition to downfall, albeit an improvement, is still not a satisfactory representation of actual facts. In his monthly newsletter, EndTimes Issues No. Bacchiocchi raises the following objection:. The corrected reading of the New Edition is a noticeable improvement, but it is still inaccurate. In both instances the corrections are inadequate. When Pius VI left Rome on February 20, , he was an old, dying man who still functioned as Pope, though in a limited scale.

He found refuge first in Siena and then near Florence, where a small Curia was organized to administer the church. In fact, Pius VI was able to give directives for the election of his successor. Few months after his death, the Cardinals met in Venice on December 8, , and elected Barnaba Chiaramonti, who took the name of Pious VII, in deference to his predecessor. The fact is my brothers and sisters, the late Dr. As you open up Revelation chapter 13 and begin to read the descriptions of the beast as John sees it rising from the sea, you will quickly notice that nothing within the text provides us with an indication, suggestion or specification for the starting or ending point of the 42 months.

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If you did not notice it when you read that portion of Rev. You will notice from these three verses that the prophet John is describing what he sees as the beast is rising out of the sea. And you will also notice that at no time did John saw when the beast received the wound or when the wound was healed.

So then, the question is, how then did advocates of the theory of the beast representing Roman Catholicism arrive at the starting date and the ending date? I would like to propose a hypothesis. I am suggesting that a link was cleverly created between the deadly wound of verse three and the forty-two months of verse five, one that was never there in the first place.

With that connection made, they contend that the forty-two month reign of the beast in verse 5 was brought to an end by the deadly wound to one of its head in verse 3. Now, working with the foregone presumption that 1 the beast and the little horn are one and the same entity operating within the same time frame of forty-two months or years and b that this entity finds its fulfillment or historical expression in the Roman Catholic church or the Papacy, all that is left would be to find a date in history where the papacy suffered what looked like a deadly wounding, and that date would be marked as the end of the 42 months.

The year would present itself as the perfect candidate.

Two Beasts, Three Deadly Wounds, & Fifteen Popes

On February 10, French Republican troops under the command of General Berthier marched to Rome, proclaimed it a Roman Republic and demanded of the Pope the renunciation of his temporal power which the pope refused to concede to [18]. The pope would die of old age on August 29, in Valencia.

Now that we have the end date of , all that would be left to do is to count backward years to find the starting date, thus you arrive at the year AD. Back tracing from the year is the only possible way that one could conceive of the year , as I have already demonstrated that there is absolutely nothing significant in the history of the papacy that happened in that year.

That is to say that there is nothing in that chapter that suggest that the forty-two months would end with a deadly wound to one of the heads of the beast. Interesting to note also, is that Daniel chapter 7, which spoke of the little horn exercising authority for a time, times and half a time, makes no mention of the little horn receiving a deadly wound.

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Thus they have taken two separate and unrelated verses in Revelation 13 and try to make them related; yet a true student of scripture will see that there is absolutely no link or correlation between the two verses. The first three verses of Revelation 13 give a description of what John saw, that is, the physical features of the beast as he ascends up from the sea.

Chapter 6: The Deadly Wound and its Healing – 1798-1929 – The Things we were never told!

Hollywood and the Movies. At all events it was the first to take up arms. From onward, the political status of the Vatican was thus reinstated and the wound could heal fully. These are the questions that I will be answering in this chapter as we analyze the next four of 11 supporting arguments for the beasts of Revelation 13 representing Roman Catholicism or the Papacy. The fact is, and you can verify this information independently if you do not believe me.

John is describing in real-time this dreadful seven-head beast as he watches its emergence. Among the many features that John saw and shares with his readers — seven heads, ten horns, ten crowns, names of blasphemy, mouth of a lion, feet of a bear, features of a leopard, the prophet also saw that this beast had received a mortal wounding to one of its heads, the which was also healed.

Chapter 6: The Deadly Wound and its Healing – 1798-1929 – The Things we were never told!

In other words, the deadly wound and its healing were of no more significance than the other physical descriptions of the beast. Advocates of the papacy as the beast theory have taken the deadly wound and its healing, which were intended to be a mere description and have developed an extensive theory around them, much more than it really deserved. In his descriptions of the activities of the beast, the prophet informs his readers that this beast would be given a time period of forty-two months to carry on all that is described in the chapter.

That is to say that everything this beast would do from the moment it rises up and begins to act its blasphemies, its persecution of the saints, its dominion over every nation, tongues and people until its final demise and removal from the scene would be contained within a month time frame.

And contrary to the common teaching regarding this beast, when the forty-two months are expired, there would be no resurgence of this beast power. That is to say, that at the end of the forty-two months, the beast would be totally and completely removed from the scenes never to return. There is nowhere in the chapter of Revelation 13 that speaks to a return or resurgence of the beast at the end of the 42 months.

Once the month is expired, so also would expire the beast and his activities. It has been long held belief that the deadly wound which was inflicted to the beast in was healed in the year with the signing of the Lateran concordat between papal ambassadors and the prime minister of King Victor Emanuel of the Kingdom of Italy which lead to the recognition of the Vatican City as a sovereign nation. If you grew up in the Seventh-day Adventist church and attended our Prophecy Seminars and Evangelistic Campaigns, then you would remember seeing pictures the newspaper headlines of THE San Francisco Chronicle or Tuesday, February 12 and told convincingly that even the secular newspapers agree with us that this event was a fulfillment of prophecy.

Today a small minority of Adventists, among them Stephen Bohr and Jeremiah Davis, have abandoned this a position. They believe and teach that the wound is either been healing or is yet to be healed at a near future date. However, the majority of Adventists still hold to the date as the healing of the deadly wound. If the deadly wounding was in then the healing was two years later not years later. The temporary humiliation, or deadly wound as it has been called, of did not last for over years as it has been traditionally taught.

In other words, it did not take until at the signing of the Lateran concordat between Italian Prime Minister Mussolini and papal ambassador Gaspri for the papacy to recover from its setbacks of Such a claim is a very inaccurate representation of the historical facts. The fact is, and you can verify this information independently if you do not believe me. The fact is that the papacy was back up and running two years later with a newly elected pope and and the papal states or papal temporal powers restored.

Samuel Bacchiocchi once again in his newsletter Endtime Issues No. Commenting on the events surrounding the imprisonment of the pope and the restoration of the papacy, Bacchiocci rote:. Both nations decided to join forces to restore the Pope to his Pontifical throne in Rome. When the French government was confronted with this new coalition and with popular uprisings, it decided to transfer the Pope to Valence, in France, where he died 40 days later, on August 29, Few months after his death, the Cardinals met in Venice on December 8, , and elected Barnaba Chiaramonti, who took the name of Pious VII to him was restored the papal states which he repossessed in the year [19] , in deference to his predecessor.

The new Pope was able to negotiate with Napoleon the Concordat in and the Organic Articles in These treatises restored to the Pope some of the territories of the States of the Church and regulated the extent of the Papal authority in France. The following years marked, not the downfall, but the resurgence of papal authority, especially under the Pontificate of Pius IX It had a remarkable large attendance from all over the Roman world and on July 18, , the Council promulgated the dogma of Papal Infallibility.

This dogma has greatly enhanced the authority of the Pope, and discredits any attempt to attribute to the downfall of the papacy. So the papacy was back up and running within two years of Succeeding popes felt so secured about the state of the papacy in the years that followed that they could even make claims of infallibly as well as being god on earth. The Bulwark article entitled Pope Pius the XI reports the following glaring and most daring statement that a pope could ever make, especially at a time when it should have been wounded to death:.

I would like you to observe that both the dogma of the Papal Infallibility and the claim of Pope Pius XI of being god on earth , were done during a period of time when the deadly wound of the Papacy was still not yet healed. Remember that the wound was supposedly healed in Other dogmas that were also promulgated by the papacy during the time when the beast was supposedly dead or wounded mortally included:.

The question then is, how could the beast who is supposedly dead have been so active, and bold and promulgating so many significant dogmas before its deadly wound was healed? If the events of represents the deadly wound of the papacy then that wound was two years later with the election of a new pope and the restoration of the papal states.

The second thing we were never told about and the so-called healing of the deadly wound is this:. Growing up I gullibly accepted the narrative of and the healing of the wound without questioning its validity, partly because the argument was quite convincing. Why was there a need for the Concordat?

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I addressed it earlier when I talked about the Capture of Rome in The fact is this: The Lateran Concordat of Had nothing to do with the events of , but with the Capture of Rome of Remember that in the Capture of Rome on September 20, , the Papacy its temporal or civil powers through the confiscation of the Papal States, a position it held for over years. The Papal States or Temporal powers of the papacy was never restored and that came a major standoff between the Vatican and the State of Italy for almost 60 years hence the Roman Question.

It is for this reason why some major Adventist preachers have abandoned as the date for the healing for the deadly wound, because the have come to the realization that had absolutely nothing to do with the events of So they instead of realizing that 1 was not a deadly wounding to the papacy and 2 that the event was settled two years later, they continue to look for a future healing for the events.

Its like the Jews refusing to see that the Messiah had come over years ago and still look to the future for the coming of the Messiah. Finally, the third thing that you did not know about and the so-called healing of the deadly wound it this:. I am contending that does not represent a healing experience for the papacy, and that if anything represents a further and greater wounding. That was more limiting than empowering to the papacy in that the Holy See. At the end of the negotiations and the signing of the Lateran Concordat between the papacy and the state of Italy, the papacy had lost far more than it gained.

Number 1 it lost forever its temporal power as the papal states were never restored, 2 the pope had to renounced its claims over most of the city of Rome and all temporal claims and 3 all that it was left with was a sovereign state confined to a small acre property within the city of Rome called the Vatican City. Bermuda, which is one of the smallest countries in the world, is 21 Square Miles. Bermuda is over 13, times bigger than the Vatican City. That is what the pope was left with in , plus he had to renounce all civil and political claims.

If you ask me that is a devastating wound not a healing of a wound. So what have we learned from this study about the So-called deadly wound of and its healing of are the following:.

Two Beasts, Three Deadly Wounds, and Fourteen Popes

Some of the questions that I will be answering are: Can the Bible support the claim that the Sabbath is the Seal of God? Retrieved on December 30, from https: Retrieved on December 29, from https: Retrieved on December 29, from http: Of guards on duty only the 42 who accompanied the pope survived. Churches and monasteries, as well as the palaces of prelates and cardinals, were looted and destroyed. Even pro-Imperial cardinals had to pay to save their properties from the rampaging soldiers. There were as many as 12 thousand dead and the booty amounted to ten million ducats.

Retrieved on December 29, from. Retired Professor of Theology, Andrews University. Retrieved on December 15, from http: Nabopolassar united the Babylonian army with an army of Medes and Scythians and led a campaign which captured the Assyrian citadels in the North. The Babylonian army laid siege to Nineveh, but the walls of the city were too strong for battering rams, so they decided to try and starve the people out. Nineveh opened its gates to the besiegers, but this tardy submission did not save the proud city.