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How to set up a new iPhone or iPad for your kids
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Everything from cases and apps, to privacy settings that keep your child's iPad and your credit card safely locked down. Giving a kid an Apple iPad , even a used hand-me-down model, opens up a wide world of videos, games and educational apps. But taking just a few minutes to run through the settings menus goes a long way toward protecting their safety and your peace of mind.

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Apple has conveniently built powerful parental controls into iOS. Called Restrictions, they both protect a child's privacy and keep them safe from explicit content. They also help protect your credit card, by preventing unauthorized in-app purchases.

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It's all fast to set up, easy to maintain and simple to edit if you ever feel like changes need to be made. The passcode should be different from the one you use to unlock your screen and, just to be clear, don't share the Restrictions passcode with your child. The next step is to work through all the privacy settings to customize what kids can and can't see. Restrictions are sectioned into five categories: Here's what to look for in each section:.

The "allow" section dictates what children can access. Most of them control how they can communicate or send data using the iPad FaceTime, AirDrop , as well as what type of information or content they're allowed to access Safari, News, Podcasts. The big restrictions you need to worry about here are your child's access to the iTunes store and in-app purchases. If you don't want to see your credit card bill flooded with in-app purchases or iTunes downloads without permission, these are the two settings you definitely need to disable. Here you'll find what content you can restrict, including controls for if music podcasts, news, and books with explicit content are allowed, as well as what kind of ratings are appropriate for movies, TV shows and websites.

This is an easy way to make sure kids are not watching mature or adult content. Another important restriction in this section is websites. You can choose to give your child access to: You can also add individual websites to a personal blacklist. When setting up an iPad for younger children, it's especially important to pay close attention to these settings.

Old Hardware Is the Best Hardware for Kids

The next step is to work through all the privacy settings to customize what kids can and can't see. You can then play with the animals that board the train and watch it speed down the track. See at Amazon Qustodio Qustodio is a parental control software that lets you fully manage each device in your house by filtering web content, blocking access to specific apps, and maintaining an activity log to track your kids' usage habits. But there are some other benefits too: If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

This is where you can severely restrict what type of content kids can view. You may not have the same control over your TV at home, but you can definitely enforce the rules here. The privacy section allows you to lock down the iPad's communication with the outside world. This is where you can disable social media apps like Facebook and Twitter, the microphone and location services.

If you don't want anyone to be able to geotrack this particular iPad, make sure to disable both the location services and "Share my location" options. This section limits what your child can modify on their device. There are certain steps you can take to speed them up again, but eventually you will find that the tablet simply doesn't serve your needs any more. Instead of throwing it away, why not pass it on to your kids? Tablets are enjoyable and potentially under the right circumstances highly educational for youngsters, who you're likely to find will grasp the essentials quicker than adults who grew up before touchscreens were mainstream technology.

However, you need to make sure that any device you hand over is child-friendly, with unnecessary or inappropriate data and settings removed, and parental controls put into place to stop them finding dodgy content or racking up huge app bills. So what can you do to make such an iPad useful and safe for your child? These steps are a good place to start.

When giving an iPad or iPhone to another person, it's imperative - for general security reasons as well as ones specific to younger users - that you remove all your data from it. Back up the device first if you want to restore that data to a new tablet, then open the Settings app. You'll get one last warning: For more details, have a look at How to reset an iPhone or iPad.

Additionally, you can allow app and media downloads based on their rating - restricting movies to U and PG ratings, and apps to ages 12 and over, for instance - and prevent your child from making in-app purchases, playing multiplayer games, and adding friends within Game Center.

Best parental controls to set up right away

To set up restrictions, launch Settings on the iPad, tap General, and then tap Restrictions. Everything will be greyed out until you tap Enable Restrictions at the top of the screen, whereupon you'll be prompted to enter and confirm a four-digit passcode. This doesn't need to correspond to your usual passcode, if you use one, although it may be easier to remember if it does. Just make sure your child doesn't already know that one!

If anyone tries to change your settings, they'll first need to enter the code you selected at this point. Now that Restrictions are enabled, you can toggle specific apps and functions on an off - if the slider next to an item is green, the child can access it; if it's white, a passcode will need to be entered in order to either access the function or to disable the restriction entirely.

How to set up an old iPad for kids

We look at how to set up parental controls on an iPad in more depth elsewhere. If your child hasn't got an email address, you can obtain a free one from a source such as Gmail or Yahoo. Both services ask that the owner of the email address be at least 13 years old, although they have no way of confirming the owner's actual age. Unwanted email can be a problem with iOS devices because, unlike with macOS's parental controls , you have no way of limiting the addresses your child can receive email from or send email to on the device.

Gmail and Yahoo allow you to create limited whitelists of senders the recipient should always receive messages from, but offers no way to block senders who aren't on the list. The same applies to iCloud email accounts. You can set up basic filters on the iCloud website, but they can't prevent the sending of mail to your child's iCloud email account.

For this reason, you should be completely sure that your child can handle the responsibility that comes with an email account and is willing to tell you if they are receiving inappropriate messages. It's not just within apps or on the iTunes App Store that kids can end up spending their parents' money without realising. In July , a month-old girl accidentally purchased a car using the eBay app when she was playing with her dad's iPhone.


My iPad for Kids [Sam Costello] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Step-by-step instructions and corresponding step number callouts on. My iPad for Kids has 7 ratings and 3 reviews. Kate said: No doubt, the iPad is a great device and toy. There has never been a a consumer device like t.

In this case, to prevent a child from being able to access your iPhone or iPad at all, you'll want to set up a device passcode. You can then choose your passcode. By default it will ask for a six-digit code, but you can select an easier-to-remember four-digit one instead, or a more complex alphanumeric code if you want better security. There have been a few high-profile incidents where parents were faced with huge App Store bills after their kids unwittingly downloaded apps and in-app purchases read about 7 of the most insanely expensive IAPs , so it's worth taking precautions to ensure that your children aren't able to do the same.

In another article we have more information on how to disable in-app purchases.