Lecture on Egypt: Delivered at Tewkesbury 20th January 1880

1 Northern Area Chairman: November 1935 to August 1937
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Lecture of Egypt Sir John Fowler Tewkesbury 1880 Egypt Exploration Fund

see Please contact curatorial or conservation staff for details. Drawings and watercolours Date: Drawings and watercolours in sketchbooks and loose leaves including buildings, landscapes, portraits and humorous sketches, and most n. Prints, postcards and press cuttings Date: Prints and picture postcards buildings, landscapes and nature, portraits, reproductions of paintings , n.

Also includes press cuttings found with the image material, and n. Archive of Mabel Purefoy FitzGerald — , physiologist and clinical pathologist, with family papers. Geraldine Mary FitzGerald, Mary Frances Purefoy FitzGerald, [], n. Laura Purefoy FitzGerald, [], n. Richard Purefoy FitzGerald, , n. Henry Purefoy FitzGerald, Extended family and other relatives, mainly sisters-in-law, nephews and nieces, cousins, Extended family and other relatives, mainly sisters-in-law, grand nephews and nieces, cousins, and n. Josephine [Allan], and n.

Graham Brown, and n. James Walker Dawson, and n. George De'ath, and n. De'ath, and Margrete Dreyer, and n. For letters by Georges Dreyer see MS.

Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

Please contact curatorial or conservation staff for details. Most seem to be family photographs, and memorabilia of relatives and friends, as collected by Mabel FitzGerald, as well as photographs taken, or collected, by family members on travels. Letters and other writings by family and friends, annotated by Sarah Anna Elizabeth FitzGerald, and many n. September 2, Auction Closed. Agent, Manchester City Fed. Mabel FitzGerald 88 Language s of Material:

Heneage McKenzie Griffin, Heneage McKenzie Griffin, and n. Lovey, , ; Hamlet S. Philpot, , ; Harry Stanhope, and n. Molly Baltz, , includes newspaper cuttings. Molly Baltz, and n. Rosemary Seronde, and n. Gertrude Welling, and n.

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Welling, , includes newspaper cuttings. Welling, and n. Passport, ; confirmation certificate, ; visiting cards, n. Also includes two childhood letters by Mabel FitzGerald and other early personal writings, c. Papers relating to the house 54A George Square, Edinburgh, Also includes two letters relating to rented accommodation in New York, and Papers relating to investments and financial matters, including the purchase of shares and bonds, Papers relating to administrative matters, including subscriptions and memberships, donations, insurance, receipts, and n.

Miscellaneous notes, newspaper cuttings and articles, and many n. Also includes a small notebook containing a story 'The Orphans' written by Mabel FitzGerald as a child, Exam answers from music theory classes, ; notes and other papers relating to a course in English Grammar, University Correspondence College Cambridge, c. Notes on physics, chemistry and algebra, probably Senftner Preparatory School or university entrance qualification classes in New York, c.

(British, 1840–1921)

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Notes on economy and trade, geography, international politics, New York municipal government and politics, probably from university entrance qualification classes New York, c. Brochures, articles and notes relating to school education, pupils self-governance and school republics; Self-Government Committee, School Citizens Committee and other initiatives in New York led by Richard Welling, c. Brochures, articles and notes relating to animal welfare, and to social housing and other philanthropic initiatives in New York, c.

Brochures and memorabilia relating to travel in the USA, including a New York tourist guidebook, , and photo of Mabel FitzGerald on a mule ride down the Grand Canyon, ; programmes, invitations etc. Miscellaneous correspondence, newspaper cuttings and photographs relating to Mabel FitzGerald's th and st birthday, Two scrapbooks containing cards and letters received for th birthday, , and for st birthday, Two visitor books for th birthday, , and for st birthday, , also including condolence visits on Mabel FitzGerald's death.

A, and RSVPs for award ceremony, Correspondence and other papers relating to the honorary M. Correspondence relating to honorary memberships conferred to FitzGerald: Also includes correspondence relating to membership in the American Physiological Society, Calendar [engagement diary], ; notebook on botany, continued as 'People called in '. Private diaries, Jan Jul and Jul Apr Private diaries, Apr Jun and Aug Feb Notebook 'Taken from life' with many drawings, ; private diary Jan-May Newspaper cuttings, obituaries and miscellaneous correspondence relating to Mabel FitzGerald's death on 24 Aug ; correspondence relating to, and copies of, FitzGerald's will, ; earlier wills, , and Correspondence, , relating to the transfer of FitzGerald's personal and scientific papers, books, scientific instruments, and family papers, to libraries, museums and collectors, including correspondence with the Robert Browning Institute relating to the transfer of a collection of letters by Browning to Sarah Anna Elizabeth FitzGerald, and books relating to Browning, to the Armstrong Browning Library, Notebook 'Histology Connective Tissue', starting Oct , with loose notes.

Notebook [Histology], May-Jun []. Notebook starting 'Peripheral Nerve Endings. Notebook starting 'Nervous System. Five small notebooks numbered I-V, n. Notebook containing excerpts from textbooks and articles on the structure and function of the nervous system, with loose notes, drawings and photographs, n. Notebook starting 'Alimentary System. Notebook starting 'Suprarenal', Lectures XX-XXI, also including notes on electrical organs of fishes, continued with lecture notes on human reproduction, embryogenesis and fetal development starting 'Testes', continued with lecture notes starting 'Blood and the Elements thereof March 10 ', with loose notes.

Notebooks containing loose notes on human reproduction and embryogenesis, n. Notebook [Physiological Chemistry], 'Practical' and 'Lectures', n. Notebook [Biology] containing notes on amoeba, drawings and notes on the anatomy of frogs and rabbits, loose notes, n. Notebook 'Universitetets Laboratorium for Medicinisk Bakteriologi Kobenhavn Serumtherapeutiske Afdeling ', with loose notes and offprint of an article by Georges Dreyer on staining methods for bacteria.

Lecture notebook on pathology, Nov-Dec Notebook starting 'The Pathology of Infection Six small notebooks numbered 1 - 6, covering Oct Nov , with loose notes. Notebook patient cases [clinical classes Oxford], May and Nov , with loose notes. Two small notebooks, Mar-Jul Three small notebooks, Three small notebooks clinical notes, [].

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Seven small notebooks [clinical notes, bacteriology? Also includes answers by Mabel FitzGerald to a set of clinical questions, n.

Egypt and the Struggle for Democracy (panel 1)

Notebooks containing notes on animal experiments [bacteriology, serology? Offprints of scientific articles Haldane, Dreyer etc. Four exercise books containing notes on clinical classes, and n. Seven exercise books containing notes on clinical classes, May Seven exercise books containing notes on clinical classes, Jun Typescripts of lectures on neurology, delivered by J. Five exercise books containing lecture notes on human anatomy, Nov-Dec Five exercise books containing lecture notes on human anatomy, Jan-Feb Notebook containing excerpts from textbooks, and articles relating to the respiratory system and to respiratory physiology; miscellaneous notes on respiratory physiology, n.

Notebook containing measurements of alveolar CO2 pressure in boys, girls, men and women including FitzGerald's and Haldane's colleagues, relatives and friends , and self- experiments on alveolar CO2 pressure under exercise, Mar-Apr and Jul , with loose notes. Notebook containing notes on patient cases and measurements of alveolar CO2 pressure in patients, Aug-Dec Drafts and notes relating to The alveolar carbonic acid pressure in diseases of the blood and in diseases of the respiratory and circulatory systems , c. Also includes measurements of J.

Haldane and colleagues in Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak. Three notebooks containing field notes and measurements of alveolar CO2 pressure and haemoglobin of residents of Colorado mining towns, Jul-Aug Raw data and calculations. Data analysis general, and for men and women separately; drafts of tables and charts; miscellaneous notes. Picture postcards sent by J. Also includes a letter of recommendation by [Young] introducing FitzGerald and her research to Mr.

Large chart 'Atmospheric pressure in mm. Notes for, and early drafts of, a publication of FitzGerald's Colorado research, c. Also includes an offprint of J. Data analysis general, and for men and women separately; calculations and drafts of tables. Also includes patient data from pneumothorax patients at the Highlands Camp Sanatorium, Jul-Aug Notes and drafts for a paper on changes in the breathing and the blood in patients with artificial pneumothorax, c. Typescript draft of a paper 'Changes in the breathing and in the blood when artificial pneumothorax is induced in the tuberculous at high altitude, with some observations on the tuberculous not so treated, and a case of anaemia' unpublished , c.

Excerpts from textbooks and articles on tuberculosis and pneumothorax; article from The New York Times on pneumothorax as a treatment for advanced cases of consumption, ; offprints of articles by Mary E. Lapham, physician at the Highlands Camp Sanatorium, on the treatment of tuberculosis and on pneumothorax, Patient data from New York Hospital, Feb-Jun , [relating to research on changes in the breathing and the blood in patients with kidney diseases?

Four notebooks containing drawings of cross sections of the Macaque monkey spinal cord, 'I Sacral - 4 Sacral', n. Notes, drafts, charts and tables relating to An Investigation into the Structure of the Lumbo-sacral-coccygeal Cord of the Macaque Monkey Macacus sinicus. Also includes a manuscript version of the article and an offprint from Proceedings of the Royal Society, B, Vol. Notebook containing notes on skin diseases, dermatophytosis, lab cultures of fungi, , with loose notes.

Drawings and photographs of fungal cultures, fungal development and sporulation, growth on various media; photographs of patients affected by ringworm, []. Notes and drafts relating to Three cases of the ringworm of the calf transmitted to man ; offprint from Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology, Vol.

Lab notebook on experiments relating to the formation of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, Biochemical Laboratory University of Toronto, Oct Mar ; data analysis and tables; miscellaneous chemistry notes and calculations. Notes on gastroenterology, experiment setups and lab methods; excerpts from textbooks and articles, n. Manuscript draft of The induction of sporulation in the bacilli belonging to the Aerogenes Capsulatus group , c.

Georges Dreyer, , and n. John Scott Haldane, and n. Graham Brown, ; C. Camac, , including personal matters; C. Douglas, , with copies of a letter from C. Henderson regarding the publication of the Pikes Peak expedition findings, ; F. Henderson Smith, ; Y. Henderson, , ; V. Macallum , ; G. Ritchie, , also includes printed obituaries for J. Salomonsen, invitations , and postcard ; C.

Sherrington, regarding FitzGerald's research on the structure of Macaque monkey spinal cord, , ; T. Strangeways, ; miscellaneous and n. Typescript 'Letters from Sir William Osler to Mabel Purefoy FitzGerald, , with additional letters and notes' [collection of transcripts of Osler letters]; one original letter W. Offprints and articles by W. Osler, printed obituaries, ; correspondence, invitations, brochures etc.

Also includes some biographical notes by FitzGerald on her work with W. A Brief Memoir by Arnold Muirhead , Correspondence with Harvey Cushing, W. Notes and articles relating to the history of medicine, and to old medical books, and n. Miscellaneous correspondence relating to scientific books, including requests to republish, and use data, from FitzGerald's own publications, The unreliability of the neutral red reaction, as generally employed, for the differentiation of B.

Description of the Buildings. Also includes an application letter for post as Laboratory Assistant at a Canadian war hospital, Apr Papers relating to teaching practical bacteriology in Edinburgh, including printed regulations, class announcements, curriculum and course guide for bacteriology course, class and examination papers, s. Also include an overview of pre-university education in England, and of high school and evening classes taken in the USA. Applications, including CVs, references and related correspondence, for scholarships, and to medical school: To Geraldine Mary FitzGerald, De'ath and wife, To Laura Purefoy FitzGerald, [] To Laura Purefoy FitzGerald, and n.

Letters and cards addressed to two or more of the FitzGerald sisters, also correspondence to 'Miss FitzGerald', , n. Includes some inter-sister correspondence. Letters to Richard Purefoy FitzGerald from family and friends, and n. Works —29, ; Air Sec. Leader in the Lords ; Pres. Durham —49; Mayor of Durham —37; styled Viscount Castlereagh —, sue. Duke of Windsor Stockton —29, —45, Bromley —64; P. Africa —45; Air Sec. Earl of Stockton Pease — , Chairman, Barnard Castle C. Hugh's College, Oxford Univ. Royal Artillery Northern Command —35; war service with B.

Duchy of Lancaster —40; Min. Craig —21, to Sir L. Worthington-Evans —22; Whip —25; U. Home Office —27, —34; Sec. Overseas Trade —29; F. War Office —35; U. Party Chairman —42; Vice-Chairman, N. Rugby —22, Ayr Burghs —25; P. Home Office —22; Min. Party Chairman —36; sue. Baron Stonehaven , Viscount Caernarvon Boroughs —; Pres. Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor Bristol Central —29, Fareham —39; Solicitor-Gen.

Duchy of Lancaster —41; Paymaster-Gen. Home Office —35; Sec. Birmingham Ladywood —29, Edgbaston —40; Postmaster-Gen. Upton —23, Rugby —42; Ass. Whip —26; Whip —29, ; Chief Whip —40; Sec. Party Chairman —62; cr. Viscount Stuart of Findhorn Oldham —, Dewsbury —18, Swansea W. Viscount Runciman of Doxford in June , sue.

Agent, Stafford —34; C. Agent, Northern Counties Area —39; military service —45; C. Agent, West Midlands Area — Christchurch —18, Bournemouth —40; U. War Office —45; a leading protectionist, Chairman, Organisation Ctte. Whip —28, Whip —37; Con. Party Treasurer —46; kt. Birmingham Moseley —50; Vice—Pres. Morpeth , , Con. Blackberry gatherers , Brook at Capel Curin , A summer afternoon, Leckhampton.

Banks of the Honddu, Brecon , At clevelode, Worcestershire , In Spetchley Park, near Worcester , A walk in Bareti woods, Capel Curig, Wales , Gathering faggots in a woodland pair. At Clevelode, Worcestershire , A mill on the Avon , In the Ogwen Valley Wales , Welland Farmstead , Gathering faggots in a woodland pair , Cows watering at a stream, Worcestershire , On the shores of Loch Long, Dumbartonshire.

On the hillside, Capel Curig. Fishing in a rocky stream, Betts-y-coed ,