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Will thinks the glee club desperately needs more of an edge, so he brings in his former classmate, April Rhodes, to spice things up. Will's plan seems to be going smoothly until he realizes he may be losing a key member of the club. Will challenges the kids to a healthy dose of competition with boys against girls in a mash-up showdown. Meanwhile, Terri takes a job as the school nurse, despite having no medical experience, to keep an eye on Will.

Sue tries to cause dissension among the Glee Club members, but the real showdown begins when she and Will get called into the principal's office. Inspired the by the students, Will composes a mash-up for a very special occasion. Meanwhile, in a shocking reversal of roles, McKinley High's cool kids are dethroned in an "icy" fashion, and Sue shows off her softer side. When Artie may not be able to travel to Regionals with the group, Will challenges the kids to experience life from a different point of view. Will splits up the Glee Club into pairs to sing ballads, but when one kid gets sick, Will is forced to step in and winds up in a sticky situation.

Concerned that Sue is up to no good, Will pays a visit to an instructor of a competing glee club to see what information she might be leaking.

When Glee Club is left out of the yearbook due to budget cuts, everyone's relieved that they won't have to suffer the ridicule of years past. Sectionals is finally here for the Glee Club, but when Quinn's secret unravels, the club may not be able to recover in time to compete. With an extra spring in their step, Glee Club works on new numbers for Regionals, but their efforts are undermined by Rachel and Finn's romance.

Concerned that the Glee Club girls are being bullied by the guys, Mr. Schuester challenges the kids to choose Madonna songs as their next assignment. When Kurt sets his dad, Burt, up with an unexpected partner, his plan for a nuclear family may backfire. Will starts an investigation when a salacious list about members of the Glee Club circulates the halls of McKinley High. When a sore throat affects Rachel's singing voice, she goes into panic mode.

Meanwhile, Kurt tries to change his persona to impress his father.

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I think Amber was talking about that bittersweet feeling of, 'I'll never be in the choir room with that exact group of people. When I read that [tweet,] I said, 'I think people will misconstrue that. I wanted to do the right thing by all of them. Anyone who is a regular is coming back. An autopsy completed on July 15 indicated that he died of alcohol and heroin overdose. On July 30, , Mays confirmed that she would depart the show after the fifth season to work on other projects, but stated that she would be open to returning as a guest star in the future.

On July 7, , it was confirmed that Rivera would be placed on a recurring status for the sixth and final season, by her request. The script was entirely rewritten, [40] and was picked up by Fox within fifteen hours of being received. Murphy attributed that, in part, to the network's success with American Idol. Murphy has said that he has never seen a High School Musical film, to which Glee has been compared, and that his interest lay in creating a "postmodern musical", rather than "doing a show where people burst into song", drawing more heavily on the format of Chicago.

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This is a different genre, there's nothing like it on the air at the networks and cable. Everything's so dark in the world right now, that's why Idol worked. It's pure escapism," he said. The three creators—Murphy, Falchuk, and Brennan—plan the stories together. Brennan noted that the writing process is "fast and loose, with the emphasis on fast", and quotes Murphy as having said, in terms of their roles in episode creation, "I'm sort of the brain. Brad's sort of the heart.

Ian's sort of the funny bone", which Brennan says "is true in a lot of ways". Some of the characters are written more by one writer than by the others. Brennan writes most of Sue's material, and Falchuk frequently writes the scenes between Kurt and Burt Hummel, though Murphy contributes a great deal to Kurt. Starting with season three, a writing staff of six was hired: The series features numerous song covers sung onscreen by the characters.

That's a tricky mix, but that's very important—the balancing of that. After I write the script, I will choose songs that help to move the story along. Or he'll ask me what song I would want to sing, in this situation or in that situation. Murphy was surprised at the ease with which use of songs was approved by the record labels approached, and explained: They loved that this show was about optimism and young kids, for the most part, reinterpreting their classics for a new audience.

Songs featured on the show are available for digital download through iTunes up to two weeks before new episodes air, and through other digital outlets and mobile carriers a week later. Glee is choreographed by Zach Woodlee and features four to eight production numbers per episode. The process begins six to eight weeks before each episode is filmed, and can end as late as the day before filming begins. Prior to the second episode's premiere, Glee' s cast went on tour at several Hot Topic stores across the nation. The show's success sent the cast on a concert tour, Glee Live! And it isn't good for families.

The promotional posters for the first season have the show's stars using their right hands to make an "L" to fill in the L of the word Glee. The second season's promotional posters have the stars throwing slushies at the camera in pairs. The third season's promotional posters have the stars getting dodgeballs thrown at them by Sue Sylvester.

While the cast concert tour, Glee Live! The first season of Glee consists of twenty-two episodes. These episodes aired on Tuesday evenings at 9: The second season began production in June The early renewal of the show allowed the production team to cut costs and to plan ahead when writing scripts.

Glee has been syndicated for broadcast in many countries worldwide, including Australia , where cast members visited to promote the show prior to its September debut on Network Ten.

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The first season of the musical comedy-drama television series Glee originally aired on Fox in the United States. The pilot episode was broadcast as an. The series focuses on a high school show choir, also known as a glee club, Season 1 features the fictional high school show choir New Directions.

In the United Kingdom , [] E4 broadcast the first two seasons of Glee , showing episodes months after they were first aired in the US. Sky 1 broadcast the series starting with the third season, airing episodes two days after their US broadcast. In February , a High Court judge ruled that the show "diluted and tarnished" the reputation of the comedy club chain.

In February , Fox lost an appeal against the decision.

Three soundtrack albums were released to accompany Glee 's first season: The Music, Volume 1 , Glee: The Music, Volume 2 and Glee: The Music, Volume 3 Showstoppers. The Music, Journey to Regionals respectively. The Music, The Complete Season One , a compilation album featuring all studio recordings from the first season, was released exclusively to the iTunes Store. The Music Presents the Warblers , [] and Glee: An EP entitled Glee: The Music, Love Songs in the last week of , and Glee: The Music, Dance Party in early September Glee has been released on several DVD and Blu-ray box-sets.

Director's Cut features the pilot episode and a preview of the second episode, " Showmance ". Road to Regionals contains the final nine episodes of the first season. Volume 1 containing the first ten episodes on January 25, , [] and both Glee Season 2: Volume 2 with the final twelve episode and Glee: The Complete Second Season with all twenty-two on September 13, Little, Brown Books has published three Glee —related young adult novels , all of which were developed in collaboration with the show's producers and writers.

The Beginning , was released in August and serves as a prequel to the events of the television series. Foreign Exchange , released in February , [] and Glee: Summer Break , released in July Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products have plans for a line of Glee —related merchandise including games, electrical products, greeting cards, apparel and stationery. Halfbrick Studios published a Glee content version of the mobile game Band Stars [] by Six Foot Kid [] in collaboration with Fox Digital Entertainment [] on March 27, , currently available on iOS platforms, but with plans to release to Android.

The game is available for free download with some Glee content available immediately including Kurt Hummel and Will Schuester. The pilot episode of Glee averaged 9. Glee received a Metacritic score of 78 out of in its first season, based on reviews by eighteen critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews". James Poniewozik of Time ranked it the eighth best television show of the year, commenting: Nancy Gibbs of Time magazine wrote that she had heard the series described as "anti-Christian" by a youth minister, and commented:.

It is easy to see his point, if you look at the specifics. Nearly all the Ten Commandments get violated at one point or another, while the audience is invited to laugh at people's pain and folly and humiliation. Variety 's Brian Lowry was critical of the show's early episodes, highlighting acting and characterization issues and deeming the adult cast "over-the-top buffoons", with the exception of Mays' Emma, who he felt offered "modest redemption".

You should have set it in its prime, mere months ago". The show's musical performances, with each performance delivering an individual song or a mashup of two or more songs in a single performance, have led to commercial success, with over thirty-six million copies of Glee cast single releases purchased digitally, and over eleven million albums purchased worldwide through October However, there has also been critical condemnation of the cast performances. Online 's Joal Ryan criticized the show for its "overproduced soundtrack" and complained that many songs rely too heavily on the pitch-correcting software Auto-Tune: During the second season, Rob Sheffield for Rolling Stone noted the Britney Spears and Rocky Horror tribute episodes as examples when he lauded Glee and its choice of music.

He praised Murphy for his selection and resurrection of "forgotten" pop songs and compared the show's uniqueness to "MTV in its prime" as the embodiment of popular culture. Some artists, including Slash , Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters , have declined to have their songs used on the show. Murphy has been publicly critical of these refusals, which has led to exchanges in the press between him and a number of artists. Other artists have come forward with allegations of plagiarism in light of this development. Fans of Glee are commonly referred to as "gleeks", [] a portmanteau of "glee" and "geek".

Fox ran a "Biggest GLEEK" competition, measuring fans' Glee -related activity on social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace, and found that the growth of the fanbase outpaced the network's science-fiction shows. Based on this trend, show producers included instrumental versions of some songs on the show's soundtracks. This fact has been referenced in various second-season episodes, notably " Furt ", which is itself a coinage for the new stepbrothers Finn and Kurt, and " Rumours ".

Glee has received a number of awards and nominations. In , the series won five Satellite Awards: Morrison, Michele and Lynch also received acting nominations. The film is directed by Kevin Tancharoen. In January , it was announced that open auditions would be held for three new roles to be introduced in Glee 's second season. They were open to amateurs and professionals aged sixteen to twenty-six, and were intended to be the subject of a multi-part television special, set to air in the lead-in to the second-season premiere in fall , with the new cast members revealed in the first episode.

We want to be the first interactive musical comedy on television. Adalian reported that the production team would still choose several winners from the entrants and invite them to appear on Glee for at least one episode. The documentary explored the American show choir phenomenon which inspired Glee.

Season One

The series featured live shows in which established and new musical performance groups competed against each other, performing well-known songs in new arrangements, with viewers voting on the winner. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of Glee episodes. List of songs in Glee , Glee albums discography , and Glee songs discography. List of awards and nominations received by Glee. Glee portal Television portal.

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