Exploring Reiki: 108 Questions and Answers

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For this basic presentation of the principles of hands on and distant healing with Universal Life Force Energy, I have refrained from getting too esoteric. In this instance, it did indeed seem counterproductive. In a second essay, I have discussed at length the reason why Reiki may prove particularly helpful in this day and age, as each individual's very own personal declaration of independence from drugs and unnecessary outside interventions.

Through the actual practice of Reiki, all of the answers you will ever need will come to you as if by osmosis. It is important to remember that all "in"-formation comes from the outside and is ultimately mind-stuff. Therefore, it is essential not to get stuck in or attached to any of the answers contained in the text. It is better to let the answers instead act as an inspiration to help you create your own response-to help you get in touch with your own inner knowing.

Practicing Reiki supports you in tapping your own feelings. All of your answers lie within the superior intelligence of your heart. Thus, the ability to feel, which Reiki promotes due to its very essence as heart energy, will help you to find your own answers. For those who need support in letting go of resistance to feelings, this book may provide insight to assist you further along the path. Ultimately, the proof in the pudding regarding Reiki is in the practice.

I wish you much comfort, ease and joy in your work with Reiki, Share it with yourself and others as often as possible, because the more you call on Universal Life Force Energy the quicker it will respond. About the Author Paula Horan is a psychologist, Reiki Master, author and seminar leader whose warmth and inspirational teaching help motivate her student to manifest the richness inherent in the lives. Paula has appeared on Radio and T. Her first book, Empowerment Through Reiki has been translated into fourteen languages.

Contents Acknowledgements xiv Preface xv Basic Reiki 1. Where does Reiki come from?

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How does Reiki heal? How is Reiki different from other healing method?

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Is there more than one form of authentic Reiki? How can I tell if I have chosen a suitable Reiki master? Is there such a thing as a grand master in Reiki? How is Reiki taught? How many Degrees of Reiki are there? Why are there Degrees? Why is there a fee for Reiki? What is First Degree Reiki? How many attunements are there? How long does it take to learn Reiki? How often should I practice? What are the basics taught in a First Degree Class? What is the structure of a First Degree Class?

What are the hand positions and how can I treat specific illnesses? How do I know when to change positions?

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How long does it take to do a full body treatment? Is it OK to just treat the area which really needs it? Can I take on the other person's negativity when I treat them with Reiki? What do I have to do to make sure that Reiki flows? What should I think about when I give a treatment? Can I hurt someone with Reiki? Can I give too much Reiki?

How long should I leave my hands on each position? Why is it that someone occasionally may feel worse rather than better after a treatment, or even jittery or nervous during a treatment? Should I pray or do a mantra or some ritual before beginning a treatment? What should I focus on when treating myself or others?

If Reiki is mainly for self treatment, why do you ask beginning students to do so many treatments on others for the first twenty-one days?

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What is the twenty-one day cleanse process? What are some of the reactions to the attunements? Why do you ask us to keep a journal for the first twenty-one days after receiving the attunements? Why do you recommend writing down our dreams during the twenty-one day cleanse process?

Is Reiki only for sick people? What are the five principles and where do they originate? The first principle is: What does it means? How can the attitude of gratitude affect my life? The second principle is: How can I keep from worrying? How will freedom from worry affect my life? The third principle is: Does this mean I should suppress my feelings? How do I avoid getting angry? The fourth principle is: How are we supposed to understand this? The fifth Principle is: What does this mean? What are the ramifications?

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How can I best use the five Reiki Principles? Is Reiki more than a healing method? How does Reiki affect chronic problems? How does Reiki affect acute problems? Do I have to remove my jewelry or clothes to either give or receive a treatment? Is it OK to cross my legs, or for a person receiving a Reiki treatment from me to cross their legs? How long does it take to heal various diseases, and can I guarantee results?

Exploring Reiki: 108 Questions And Answers

Buy Exploring Reiki: Questions and Answers by Paula Lakshmi Horan (ISBN : ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. Exploring Reiki introduces this increasingly popular form of hands-on healing by answering the most often-asked questions relating to its practice in.

What is the optimal number of treatments to give another? How long should I treat someone? Why should I charge for treatments or ask for an exchange of energy? What kid of exchange of energy should I expect for sharing Reiki treatments? What should I do if I don't feel differences in different hand position on the body? How can I develop empathy so that I can sense more what another needs? These 4 locations in All: Corangamite Regional Library Corporation Library.

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Exploring Reiki: 108 Questions and Answers

Found at these bookshops Searching - please wait We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. These online bookshops told us they have this item: It covers all the practical issues a complete beginner would want to know about while still providing an in-depth and all-round presentation. As a result, Exploring Reiki is as helpful to the curious browser who wishes to get first hand information from an experienced practitioner as it is to the experienced initiate with questions about a particular aspect of this subtle art of healing.

Laxmi Dechen Wangmo has adapted the best of the East and West to convey ways to calm the mind and raise the life force energy.