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Let me give you another example. Suppose I am in a courtroom, and the judge says to me, "Mr. Rogers, are you married? You see, I was there in the church, and I saw Joyce coming down the aisle. My heart got all twitterpated, and I was so happy. Your honor, it's the most wonderful feeling in the world to be married. When I'm finished, the judge will say, "I'm sorry.

While I am glad you feel that way, your feelings are not evidence in this courtroom. Do you have some proof? Then I go down to the courthouse. And I get that document, notarized, signed, and sealed, and I bring it before the judge. And he accepts my marriage as proven fact. My salvation does not hinge on my emotions. I have an official record. I have the Word of God: One night while out soul-winning, I asked a man if he wanted to receive Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

After we prayed together, I said, "Now, sir, I want to give you your spiritual birth certificate. We started to read it through again. Then I told him, "It's Jesus who is speaking. Do you believe this? I said, "Let's read it again. Again, he answered yes to every question except the last. Again, he said, "Well, I hope so.

This time, when I asked him if he had everlasting life, the light went on inside. That is the basis of your belief. That's the source of your certainty. Isn't it better to have God's Word than Adrian's or your neighbor's or your opinions, emotions, wishes, or whims? In addition to the root of our belief, we need only look at the fruit of our behavior to know whether or not we are truly saved.

What has Jesus done in me? Is this all just some intellectual exercise, or has there been a change? The Apostle John is very practical here. He shows us how our salvation ought to show up in our behavior, and he gives three tests. I wonder if John had been in a testimony meeting where somebody was bragging about being saved—saying he was, but his walk and his talk did not get together. If you say you are saved, it is absolutely going to show up in your life. You are going to be keeping the commandments of God.

You do not keep the commandments of God in order to be saved; you keep the commandments of God because you are saved.

Assurance of Salvation

This presents a serious problem, because not one of us has always kept all of God's commandments. I haven't since I've been saved, and you haven't since you've been saved. Yet the Bible says that we know we are in Him in that we keep His commandments. Both the problem and the solution are found in the word keep. It is actually a mariner's word. In the apostles' day, sailors navigated by the stars. And a sailor setting his course by the stars was said to be "keeping the stars. To keep God's commandments, then, means to use the Word of God as the Guide for our lives.

How Can I Know that I am a Christian?

It is the desire of every child of God to live by His Word. While we may be blown off course, distracted, or confused, the goal of our lives is to keep the commandments of God. Ever since I gave my heart to Jesus, there has been a deep, divine, radical change; and there is in me a burning desire to live for God. And there should be in you, too, if you are saved. This is not to say that I don't sin anymore.

The difference is that before I got saved I was running to sin; now I am running from it. And if I fail, I turn right around and start running away again. The commandment test says: A lot of people say, "Well, I walked down an aisle somewhere, and I got saved. I know I'm just an old backslider now, but I'm still saved and going to heaven. No, you are not. If you are living that way—high, wide, and handsome—and it does not break your heart, then you do not know the God of the Bible. When I am saved, I want to be right with my Father, and I want to be right with my brother. But there are some who would say, "Well, I'm saved, but I have no use for the church.

The word saint singular appears in the Bible only five times. The plural appears nearly times. Now, going to church will not make you a Christian any more than going to the garage will make you an automobile. But when you realize that you have been bought by the blood of Christ, when the Spirit of God comes into you, you receive a new nature, and you are going to keep His commandments and love the brethren.

The greatest and strongest test is the commitment test. All of the others grow out of it. These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God" 1 John 5: In the Bible, the words believe and commit are the same word. Concerning Jesus, it says, "Many believed in His name, when they saw the miracles which He did. But Jesus did not commit Himself unto them, because He knew all men" John 2: They said they believed in Him, but He did not believe in them. He knew that they were just miracle-mongers. He knew that they were not true believers.

Biblical faith is not just an intellectual exercise. You do not believe about Jesus, you believe in Jesus. You commit yourself to Jesus. I did not believe about the plane that flew me from Augusta to Memphis; I believed in it. I committed myself to that airplane. I did not just say, "Those things can fly. I'm going to Memphis. I believe it can fly. I believe that man is a good pilot. I have confidence in the airline. He who commits himself to that plane flies to Memphis. And he who commits himself to the Son of God lives forever with Him.

I committed myself to that plane. He who commits himself to the Son of God is the one who is saved. Have you done this? Notice it doesn't say, he who has believed; it says He who believes. It is always present tense. Have you ever asked someone, "Are you saved? They say, "Yes, I'm saved. I remember walking down the aisle when I was nine years old, giving my hand to my pastor and my heart to Jesus Christ. Now, I may not be living for God right now, I'll admit.

I remember believing on Jesus Christ. It never points back to some time when you believed on Jesus Christ. I even hear people say, "If you cannot show me the place and the moment when you received Jesus Christ, you are not saved. The Bible never says you know when or if you are saved by something you remember in the past. It says, "He that believes.

I am not saying there is not a time when you received Christ. There was a day.

But that is not the test. The test is, do you believe in Jesus Christ now? Are you trusting in Him today? Is there evidence in your life today that you are the offspring of the living God? That is the proof of your salvation. My friend, have you given your life to the Lord? Do you have the assurance that if you were to die right now, you would go straight to heaven? If not, please let me tell you how you can be saved. First, you must understand that you are a sinner.

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The Bible says, "All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God" Romans 3: Second, you must understand that you cannot save yourself by your efforts. The Bible is very clear that it's "not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us" Titus 3: Again, "By grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: Third, you must believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for your sins.

The Bible says, "God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us" Romans 5: That means He died in your place. Your sin debt has been paid by the blood of Jesus Christ, which "cleanseth us from all sin" 1 John 1: Fourth, you must put your faith in Jesus Christ and Him alone for your salvation.

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The blood of Christ does you no good until you receive Him by faith. Have you ever taken this all-important step of faith? If not, I urge you to do it right now.

The Teaching Ministry of Mark Ballenger

The difference is that before I got saved I was running to sin; now I am running from it. Moody she had been saved for 25 years and never had a doubt. If not, please let me tell you how you can be saved. While obedience should contribute to our assurance of salvation, we can also know we are truly saved when we regularly have a conviction of sin and confess and repent of our sins. John says these witnesses are the eternal work of the Savior, the internal witness of the Spirit, and the external Word of Scripture. One night while out soul-winning, I asked a man if he wanted to receive Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. When I am saved, I want to be right with my Father, and I want to be right with my brother.

Because Jesus is the only way to heaven! Speaking of Jesus, the Apostle Peter said in Acts 4: Jesus Himself said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: It couldn't be any clearer than that. I know I can't save myself, so right now, once and for all, I trust You to save me. Come into my heart, forgive my sin, and make me Your child.

I give You my life. I will live for You as You give me strength. If you will make this your heartfelt prayer, God will hear and save you! Jesus has promised that He will not turn away anyone who comes to Him in faith John 6: He will make you a child of God, if you will turn to Him John 1: Please write to us at Love Worth Finding to let us know of your decision. But again, we must not settle in sin and confession without repentance, for John goes back to obedience 1 John 2: The Bible does not say we will be sinless once we are saved.

But the Bible does say we should be sinning less and less after we are saved. We are justified at the moment of our conversions, and when we are justified we will always begin down the road of signification as well Hebrews Justification is what God proclaims us to be and what he fully gives us in Christ. Sanctification is the process of becoming holy and learning to live from the blessings we have fully received in Jesus. In 2 Peter 1: There will certainly be moments of backsliding for Christians. But you should have assurance of faith and know you are truly saved by God if your life has changed and if you are seeking to walk in the light more and more and not less and less as your life progresses with Christ.

Whoever does not love abides in death. None of us do this perfectly, but rather than this cause us doubt, this should bring us more assurance of our salvation because any true love for God must come from Christ and the working of his Spirit.

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Rather than being shouting Christians, they're doubting Christians. Rather than having a "know-so" salvation, they have a "hope-so" salvation. Somebody once. But like most things in the Christian life, assurance is something that is my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the If you are left without discipline, in which all have participated, then you are.

For more on this idea, read R. One of the primary signs of salvation is perseverance. This means that those who are truly saved will endure to the end. They will keep professing their faith in Jesus, they will keep obeying, the will keep repenting, they will keep being sanctified, they will continue to love God and people, and nothing will be able to separate them from the love of God.

So how can you know if you are truly saved by God? How can you have assurance of salvation? We must examine ourselves, we must pass the test of faith, but ultimately we must rest secure in the truth that God is faithful even when we are not. God alone is the reason you are saved. Trust God for your salvation and rejoice in the assurance he alone can give. How to Pray With Power James 5: