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enter Natale Gagliardi, Quelle sirene con due code, storie di borghi, di lago, di monti, Editoriale Lombarda, Como Altri esempi di sirena bicaudata: From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. File File history File usage on Commons Size of this preview: This image contains digital watermarking or credits in the image itself.

The usage of visible watermarks is discouraged. Ciao Venezia, ciao Venezia, ciao Venezia ciao ciao ciao. Ciao Venezia, ciao Venezia, ciao… ciao ciao! Ho visto due colombi andare in alto volevan fare il nido in paradiso e son volati a nozze su Rialto ed han lanciato un grido: E se a Venezia vai come a quei tempi di Goldoni la vedrai.

Purgatorio 19 – Digital Dante

Passa la vita di tutti noi come un merletto sul tombolo, in ogni cuor la sua gondola in un mare di gioia e dolor. Si scopron le tombe si levano i morti i martiri nostri son tutti risorti. La porta un litro de quel bon, la porta un litro de quel bon la porta un litro de quel bon per la Gigiota. O Dio del ciel che fai fiorir le sucche fammi veder le gambe delle putte. La parona no vol che cantemo dispeto ghe femo, dispeto che femo.

La parona no vol che cantemo dispeto ghe femo cantemo pianin. E col nostro sachetin cari signori se San Martin. Siora lussia la fassa presto ch'el caligo ne vien adosso el ne vien adosso sul scarselin siora Lussia ze Sa Martin.

File:San Lupo (BN), 2010, Fontana SantAngelo sirena bicaudata..jpg

Elected pope in , Adrian V died after only 38 days. Adrian V talks not about money but about his temporal ambition, and gives a remarkable account of how temporal ambition can take a man all the way to the papacy:. Adrian V explains that his desire for power and position—the particular dolce serena that he is pursuing—is slaked only when he reaches the very highest point of the pinnacle that he is climbing.

The voyage metaphor has mutated from a sea-voyage to a steep climb, but the principle is the same and poses the same question: He has reached the very highest peak—there is nowhere remaining for his ambition to climb just as there was nowhere remaining in the inhabited earth that Ulysses could still sail —and yet he is still not at peace, he is still not happy. In this way Adrian discovers that he is pursuing changeable goods that are deceitful and that will never give him peace.

He converts, that is, away from secondary goods, even the highest, and toward the Primary Good. In this extraordinary passage, Dante indicts those who seek holy office as mere careerists like the rest of us and what would have happened to Adrian V had he never reached the top? Columbia University Libraries, In that hour when the heat of day, defeated by Earth and, sometimes, Saturn, can no longer warm up the moon—sent cold, when geomancers.

I looked at her; and just as sun revives cold limbs that night made numb, so did my gaze loosen her tongue and then, in little time,. And when her speech had been set free, then she began to sing so, that it would have been most difficult for me to turn aside. I turned aside Ulysses, although he had longed to journey; who grows used to me seldom departs—I satisfy him so.

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Dalila: La sirena che voleva le scarpe (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Cristina Origone. E anche la sirena Dalila (il nome scelto da Poseidone per lei significa Vuole le gambe e poiché, come tutte le sirene, è priva di organi sessuali. La Gamba (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Betty De Blue. Download it Lui vede la cartellina, l'afferra, cerca di richiamare la donna, ormai svanita, per restituirla. Poi una gamba, deturpata da un incidente, che la fa sembrare una sirena.

Her lips were not yet done when, there beside me, a woman showed herself, alert and saintly, to cast the siren into much confusion. He seized the other, baring her in front, tearing her clothes, and showing me her belly; the stench that came from there awakened me. I moved my eyes, and my good master cried: I rose; the daylight had already filled the circles of the sacred mountain—we were journeying with new sun at our back.

I followed him, bearing my brow like one whose thoughts have weighed him down, who bends as if he were the semiarch that forms a bridge,. When I was in the clearing, the fifth level, my eyes discovered people there who wept, lying upon the ground, all turned face down. So did the poet ask, so did reply come from a little way ahead; and I, hearing that voice reply, learned what was hidden.

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When, free to do as I had wanted to, I moved ahead and bent over that soul whose words—before—had made me notice him,. And why are your backs turned up?

Digital Dante

And there—where I, alive, set out— would you have me beseech some good for you? And he to me: Between Sestri and Chiavari descends a handsome river; and its name is set upon the upper portion of my crest. Alas, how tardy my conversion was! But when I had been named the Roman shepherd, then I discovered the deceit of life.

I saw that there the heart was not at rest, nor could I, in that life, ascend more high; so that, in me, love for this life was kindled. What avarice enacts is here declared in the purgation of converted souls; the mountain has no punishment more bitter.

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Just as we did not lift our eyes on high but set our sight on earthly things instead, so justice here impels our eyes toward earth. As avarice annulled in us the love of any other good, and thus we lost our chance for righteous works, so justice here. And I to him: Now go your way: IT was the hour when the diurnal heat No more can warm the coldness of the moon, Vanquished by earth, or peradventure Saturn.

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When geomancers their Fortuna Major See in the orient before the dawn Rise by a path that long remains not dim,. There came to me in dreams a stammering woman Squint in her eyes, and in her feet distorted, With hands dissevered and of sallow hue.