Fun with Dick and Shane: Memoirs of a Houseboy

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Fun With Dick and Shane: Memoirs of a Houseboy by Gillibran Brown

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Fun With Dick and Shane by Gillibran Brown

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Shane Helms - Which Wrestlers Are Dicks?

The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. Gilli shares a unique relationship with his lovers Dick and Shane. A funny, tender, insightful and sexy book about men in a discipline relationship. Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review. I have read this book several times now and I love it each and every time. Gilli's escapades crack me up and it is not uncommon to have me laughing until the tears start to fall. I highly recommend it. I love this book. The sex is frequent but almost completely off-page, and the discipline is named but not described in detail.

It's funny and engaging, and the characters are distinct and interesting. I will definitely be reading the sequel. It loses a half point because Gilli's description of himself verges so far into the bratty that he's irritating - you sometimes wonder why his doms put up with him at all and don't just dump him in a shelter for obnoxious subs somewhere. View all 19 comments. I don't know why Dick and Shane put up with Gilli's antics - it must be love. It brought tears to my eyes - happy and deranged tears - and I actually got stomach cramps laughing so hard at some of the things Gilli did.

What an adorable brat! Jul 24, Jenni Lea rated it it was amazing Shelves: You are a most loveable brat. You have two Daddies. But you have no Mommy. You need a Mommy. I shall be your Mommy. Hush now, Mommy has spoken. OK, probably not since I will most likely forget. Oct 22, Breann rated it liked it Recommended to Breann by: This book is one of those that really worked for me at times and then at others, really didn't. I loved being inside his head.

He was loveable and mostly sweet. He was such a stinkin' brat but it made things all the more fun. Could he ever just take something for face value without adding his own crazy to it? Could he just listen to his Daddies because they knew what was best? Was I glad he was like that? I loved the hierarchy of the relationship with The Daddy, Daddy and baby cub and the dynamics that came with.

Everyone seemed to get what they needed from what they had most of the time. Probably never sit a day in his life. There's no way Shane and Gilli could survive each other without Dick in their lives. Shane would go crazy having to discipline Gilli for every tiny infraction and in return, Gilli would do something dumb without thinking it through. Like burn the house down or something. Dick was a godsend. There was no beginning, middle and end, just a series of events that loosely fit together. I understand, this is a memoir, but the style just isn't for me I guess.

Their relationship was the exact same as it was in the beginning of the story. There was no change or growth, nothing. He was his same bratty self from beginning to end. He never learned from his mistakes. Because of the 'no character growth thing', Shane never changed either. Does he even like Gilli?

He doesn't act like it. Some things will never change, obviosuly your spanking method isn't working because Gilli isn't changing. If it was working, you'd see results. Overall, I enjoyed myself and was laughing out loud at their antics. Sure, I'll read the next one, eventually. View all 4 comments. I enjoyed it immensely, the MCs were adorable even Shane his Dom or the Daddy who seems to be cold hearted and is not so easy to like If you can keep up with Gillis way of telling his story, which is more 4.

View all 10 comments. Why I bought the book: I read a review at Tam's blog and it sounded like an amusing read. The book is set out as a series of blog diary entries from the point of view of houseboy, Gilli. At the top is overall Dom Shane, then there's Dick who is both Shane's sub and Gilli's Dom, then there's Gilli who's sub to both of them. The story takes place over a few months and every so often Gilli interrupts his diary entries with longer Why I bought the book: The story takes place over a few months and every so often Gilli interrupts his diary entries with longer stories about particular events that have happened to him.

The story is mostly hilarious as Gilli gets himself in all sorts of scrapes and situations due to his habit of over-thinking everything, coupled with a volatile temper, but it's very touching in places too. Now here's the thing: I can't decide whether this is fiction or not.

Gilli has his own blog in RL and this book is made up of his blog entires from , so either this is a fictional blog and has been for 5 years, or these stories are true. Not that it matters, but reviewing a piece of fiction is much different from reviewing non-fiction so I'm going to work on the assumption that this is actually an autobiography which is what Gilli calls it on his website. Whether you like this book will depend entirely on what you think about Gilli.

I really liked him. His honesty is completely endearing, especially as it doesn't always paint him in the best possible light. I also liked how he reflects on what's happening to him, analysing it from the point of view of hindsight and recognising the triggers that makes him act as he does - and yet, he still can't seem to help over-reacting to certain situations. He's a complete brat for quite a lot of the book but that is tempered by a sweet and generous nature.

His relationship with Shane and Dick is that of a domestic discipline set up. This means Gilli and sometimes Dick gets spanked and punished an awful lot - and not for sexual pleasure. I've read books like this before and sometimes they can be a little repetitive - boy cocks-up, boy gets spanked, boy is forgiven, over and over again - but that wasn't the case here because of the time that Gilli takes to show us the history of why he acts as he does, the reasons behind his cock-ups and his feelings throughout the situation.

This made the whole thing very sympathetic in my understanding of how Gilli works as a person and how he needs the relationship with Shane and Dick. Because the book is from Gilli's point of view Shane and Dick are funnelled through his biased narrative, but I did get a strong impression of the love he feels for them - and how their different roles fulfil an need in him and in each other. I really loved this book. It made me laugh out loud a number of times but was so much more than a series of funny situations.

I also liked that the book is set in Britain, with all the great British dialogue and cultural references that comes with that setting. Some US readers are not going to understand some of the references to various TV shows and celebrities there was one point where Gilli is accused of 'watching too much Tricia again' which made me snort with laughter, but that may go over the heads of some non-Brit readers , but that shouldn't be a reason not to read the book.

Those of you who are looking for a lighthearted read, with lots of laughs and also lots of heart, ought to give this book a go. I enjoyed it so much I bought the sequel as soon as I'd finished and I can see this being a book I re-read when I need something to cheer me up. Oct 11, A. Gayle rated it it was amazing. What I enjoyed most about this book was the interspersed commentary about life in Britain, its politics, its customs all told in an amazingly common sense manner. This aspect is not often mentioned and attention is just centred on the hilarious antics. All these stem from the same source, Gilli's ability to analyse, over-analyse and pick the remaining bits to shreds before gathering them all up and starting again.

Fun With Dick and Shane

Best summed up after Gilli's emotional trip home to see his mother view spoiler [ Dick and Shane arrived home to find me knee deep in snot and tears, sitting on the bottom stair, holding a soggy Christmas card and babbling incoherently about robins never sitting on the same branch. I only knew that the tears were an expression of some grief that I had yet to find words for, that I had yet to come to an understanding of. Maybe the lucky, the successful people in life are the ones who accept that some things can never be fully explained and understood?

Dick was all kind concern. Shane was all sharp impatience. I was a tiresome boy, and what the hell had I been doing all day, not what I should have been doing, that much was abundantly clear. In future I was to consult with him before taking a workday off. The smack he applied to my backside was balanced by the kiss Dick applied to my lips. I got on with making dinner and felt better. I don't think so, they were simply to give Gilli a constant, a certainty while he came to terms with his over-thinking.

Was it a healthy relationship? To answer that question, you have to go back to the section which describes what Gilli's life had been like after leaving home at If they wanted a mature acting adult, they could have easily turfed Gilli out. Leo would have taken him in like a shot. I wrote this before I started the second book where I had my suspicions confirmed: His life would be bland without me around to put his watch through the washer, break the toilet, ruin the computer and forget to pick his stuff up from the cleaners.

I keep him young. I loved this book! Gillibran Brown is a self-confessed gobshite houseboy with a tendency to throw temper tantrums when he doesn't get his own way, but somehow he still remains one of the most engaging, endearing narrators I've ever read. Partly this is down to his naughty sense of humour, partly his talent with words, and partly his humility and genuine desire to make sense of his life.

And what a life it is: Gilli is the youngest and newest partner in a menage with two older men, Dick and Shane. Not only is he the houseboy, but he's also submissive to both Dick and Shane - sexually at any rate. Gilli certainly has his own special ways of rebelling against his daddies when he feels unfairly done by, and is duly punished. Be warned, there is an awful lot of spanking in this book, and it usually isn't the erotic kind.

Gilli hates being punished but he seems to court it, unable to reign in his temper when his volatile emotions get away from him. This autobiography is partly a write up of day to day life as a houseboy, but the longer passages focus on certain incidents that Gilli examines to try and make sense of. These are mainly caused by his insecurities about his place in the relationship - he's secure in Dick's love but finds Shane, the older man who is top of the hierarchy, to be an unknown quantity.

He's also insanely jealous, to the point of hating Shane's ex boyfriend on principal, just because he's had the temerity to have slept with Shane before Dick did. To further complicate matters, Gilli is working class and feels out of place among Dick and Shane's middle class, professional friends, worrying that he isn't very interesting because all he does is stay at home and keep house. If all this sounds rather depressing, rest assured it isn't. Gilli's journal is one of the most charming, hysterically funny and life-affirming books I've had the pleasure to read.

Fun with Dick and Shane - Memoirs of a Houseboy

Whatever issues he might struggle with, Gilli is sure that this relationship is what he needs and the genuine love the three men have for each other is never in doubt. I can highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in unconventional relationships, or who has an affection for mouthy, lovable drama queens. View all 6 comments. I love that Gilli is a goofy bugger, and I really enjoyed the way this was written. I flew through it and wanted more at the end. Gilli has trouble with his temper and with egging Daddy Shane on which makes for the brunt of his disciplines.

Gilli is such an insecure I love that Gilli is a goofy bugger, and I really enjoyed the way this was written. Gilli is such an insecure soul and his jealousies often gets him into trouble as well. Shane is the most distant of the Daddies, but seems to be a real part of what Gilli needs to be kept in line. The three seem to make up pieces of a puzzle that all just fit together. I'm hooked and ready to jump into the next one. Mar 27, Liam Elliot rated it it was amazing. I'm rating this for the whole shebang. I don't do 5 stars very often, but these memoirs have me.

These things run the gamut. Gilli's voice is unique and his observations are sometimes funny, sometimes beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking. You'd think that for being a diary about living in a kinky poly group, it'd be sex, sex, sex, but it's really about life. The odd vagaries of domestic life.

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The little fun moments that make relationships so special. The hard bits where je I'm rating this for the whole shebang. The hard bits where jealousy flares up. The difficulty inherent in power exchanges. The nature of why we're self-destructive and why we can take better care of others than we can of ourselves. A little bit about growing up, learning about oneself, and dealing with shit that sometimes just isn't fucking fair. Shit, don't pretend like there aren't days where you just want to throw some dishes around and tantrum like a toddler.

There's something almost therapeutic about reading about a grown-ass man doing precisely that when shit isn't going his direction. Aug 11, Kelly H.

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Fun with Dick and Shane: Memoirs of a Houseboy - Kindle edition by Gillibran Brown. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Fun with Dick and Shane: Memoirs of a Houseboy [Gillibran Brown] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “These pages detail the days of my.

I don't like menage relationships or BDSM in books but somehow this worked for me. This is the only way I can see a menage relationship working. This diary is written by a houseboy who often comes into contact with nuts, so allergy sufferers beware. Fun with Dick and Shane is a truly unique book in more than one aspect. The story is told in a sort of diary entries, though the author does work out certain scenes into full dramatic scenes and not merely narrates what happens.

Gillibrand aka Gilli, the author and main character is a houseboy, the submissive in a household with two other men, Dick and Shane. If that sounds negative and dramatic, no worries.