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Purchased cards are Under Construction until the resources are gathered to add them to your empire, granting you new actions or benefits. However, your resources are limited and you can only deploy so many at a time, so expanding your empire becomes a balancing act of acting now and saving for later. But what do each of the three decks have to offer to your growing empire?

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A New World The Planet Deck represents the exploration of the universe and the expansion of your empire. You can use your resources to either settle new planets you've discovered, or exploit the planet's abundant natural resources, providing a few additional cards to choose from in the future. Settle planets provide a permanent bonus to your empire, such as reducing the cost of settling new planets, discovering new technology, building new ships, or giving your credits just a little more weight in the galactic economy.

Progress Marches Onward The Technologies Deck provides you with wondrous and powerful new technology that give you new actions to take on your turn or set up goal-oriented ways to score victory points at the end of the game. Victory points are crucial to coming out ahead over the other factions, but some technologies might provide options that are just too good to pass up. A Fitting Vessel The Ship Deck is all about increasing your empire's mobility and ability to attack the other factions and hostile alien forces. Ship cards can either be built to increase your assembly limit and the number of resource cards you can play in a turn, or they can be used to attack alien forces or the other factions.

Waging war is risky. You could lose your ships and gain nothing for your trouble. But, if you're successful, you could find yourself ahead with some powerful Alien Artifact cards and your opponents may find some blockades keeping them from taking advantage of the cards in their empire. Officially endorsed by the designers and Portal Games, The Void allows you to set off on your own and take on a new threat to the universe, The Void. This new threat absorbs everything it touches, attacking if your empire grows too large and constantly consuming anything in its path.

Can you overcome the new threat in this challenging solo variant? Download the rules here and try it for yourself! See what critics are saying about Alien Artifacts!

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It's simplicity itself, this game. I think a lot of people are gonna like this one. If you're looking for a 4X game that delivers the sense of exploration and building up a powerful empire in a smaller package, then Alien Artifacts is for you! We had a ton of fun creating new cards that match the plot.

First the new resource itself. We wanted it to be special, so not only it is very powerful — acts as a wild resource for all game purposes — but also each resource card has an additional special ability.

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Some give VP, some allow to activate ships, some produce more cards… Then we looked at planets. To match the theme we designed a new type of planet — obviously, the one that can produce this new resource. We are happy and proud to share with you, that couple of our games are nominated for the 5th annual Board Game Quest Board Game Awards!

Aztecs expansion by Ignacy Trzewiczek for the award winning Imperial Settlers. Will Aztecs add an award for the Imperial Settlers family?

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We certainly hope so, but the competition is fierce: The Wind Gambit, Clank!: Sunken Treasures, Imperial Assault: We are super-happy, that our Apparently, he likes to make things harder. I mean, he could just take few new ideas for cards, mix them, put into one box and sell for 10 bucks per copy. Ignacy Trzewiczek is this dude that tells stories, huh? So he had to come up with something more sophisticated, than just this, like, for instance, to plan ahead few expansions and build the whole story arc around them.

Merge rules and new abilities with the history of the whole freaking universe of Alien Artifacts. Yeah, that sounds like him.

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He put it all on the paper, he looked at it and he smiled. Spacefaring is a tough job.

Alien Artifacts

While there are mechanisms in the game, that allow to quickly rebuild a damaged ship, they caused some pretty overpowered combo. From the beginning our intention was, that having your ship damaged is bad and loosing it is worse. While the latter stays true, when the game was released, the former turned out to be sometimes beneficial. Thousands of players started creating their powerful combos. We have learned about them through conventions and BGG forums.

Many of them were great and perfectly balanced option. One of them, however, was particularly powerful, making dozens of points per turn. When your ship was damaged during an attack it could return back to your empire and attack again, if its cost was lower than the discount.

Alien Artifact

Here is the next installment in the first part of Alien Artifacts Lore, called Shards. Shards will introduce you to the universe of the Alien Artifacts. A shift that was initiated by the discovery of an alien race: Stay tuned for more content! Alien Artifacts Universe is big, wonderful space, with a lot of interesting factions, conflicts and drama. It is not only a complex sci-fi, engine building card game, it is, primarily, like most Portal Games games, a board game, that tell stories. Here is another one of these stories. Stay tuned for more content like that! Check out this video from Essen and see our booth, hear Ignacy talk a little bit about Alien Artifacts and watch how the official European release ofthe game went!

Ignacy has some thoughts on flying. And games, that too. At some point, a guy comes, shakes my hand and says he was at my seminar on Friday evening and liked it a lot. He then decided to come to my Game Designer seminar, on Saturday and he liked it a lot too, although he knows no shit about game design and has no plans whatsoever to design a game. After the seminar, he came to our booth and bought Alien Artifacts.

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The guy stands in front of me and says that this weekend he discovered Portal Games, and he immediately became a fan of the company. He liked seminars, he liked Alien Artifacts, he did some research Do you know, that today is the day when Alien Artifacts, sci-fi strategic card game begins its Early Launch in the US?