Quelle identité pour lEurope ? (Références) (French Edition)

If European Identity is the Question, is Multiculturalism the Answer ?
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These are some of the questions which arise just as steadily as the edifice of Europe rises.

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Answering these with a challenging question of her own, Riva Kastoryano, researcher at the Center for International Studies and Research in Paris CERI 1 , asks why not look to multiculturalism as a source of inspiration for a new form of political organisation and as a way to grant de jure weight to a de facto reality?

A notion loaded with ideological and ambiguous meaning Raising the multicultural subject, unfortunately, is fraught with confusion.

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For some 'multicultural' rhymes too closely with 'tribal' and signifies the fragmentation of society into self-contained communities. In this point of view, multiculturalism threatens social ties with its tendency to let the public space be invaded by expressions of subgroup identities. Others take the opposite view, lauding multiculturalism as a way to guarantee respect of cultural identities, equality of rights and chances, while consolidating the foundations of democracy and defusing the nationalist temptation.

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In the European context, the notion of multiculturalism raises contrasting images related to the widely varying political and cultural traditions of Europe's States. While some countries Italy, Spain have institutionalised it by establishing regions with their own powers or by officialising linguistic diversity Switzerland, Belgium , others France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Under these conditions, there is nothing that argues against seeing multiculturalism as a possible response to the problem of allegiance.

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A contemporary European response to the eternal problem of the One and the Many. Turkey as a test of European identity The candidacy of Turkey for membership in the European Union comes as a timely test for these notions. Never before has Europe called its identity into question so clearly. Is there a European culture?

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