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Den Computertechniker Jack Fletcher und seine Schwester hat es in Octavias Welt verschlagen, nachdem eines von Jacks nanomechanischen Experimenten schiefgegangen ist. A technology fiction novel set within the some distance destiny. More Nautical Tourism for the Canary Islands. Being flippant, public conveniences and opening the shops in Tenerife's capital might be a couple of measures they could use to make the ports more welcoming. Turismo firma un convenio con las Autoridades Portuarias para fomentar el producto de cruceros. Tuesday, October 24, Bringing new meaning to the term "poop deck"!

Commenter, David Simpson, got it dead right and kindly provided the title for this post: It must be very inconvenient though really, it's no laughing matter that, apparently, the 1, cruise passengers on board Thomson's Destiny cruise ship - currently making a seven-day voyage around the Canary Islands and Morocco - were caught short without toilets for three days. Then other comments about budget priced cruises suggest that maybe people should expect to spend more than a penny! Sunday, October 22, Tenerife, the best Carnaval in the World. Carnaval - not in Rio Originally uploaded by laurenz.

As I am sure you've noticed by now , Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have been in Tenerife this week where J Lo came out for some duets during his concert. Marc Anthony Originally uploaded by beira-mar. Jennifer Lopez Originally uploaded by MangaloreCity. How much do the Canaries rely on Tourism? Tourism is, quite obviously, a very important factor in the economy of the Canary Islands, but just how much do the islands rely on tourism for their economy? Tourist activity had increased in , by 4. Tourism also provides Tourism is also responsible for In contrast to this, Equally, tourism was responsible for Improvements to Passenger Terminal at Tenerife.

Guanxito Diario de Avisos report that next years budget includes almost 30 million euros - 29,, to be exact, which is around 20 million pounds - for the enlargement and improvement of passenger terminal at Tenerife South's Reina Sofia airport.

Get Itahisa de Atlantis (Spanish Edition) PDF

The present arrivals area is to be increased, as is the departures, with a new building for departures, joined to the current one and that will provide space for a further 40 check in desks. Other works include improvements to air conditioning, air traffic control, security and fireproofing.

Tenerife South airport expects to handle over nine million passengers in , a figure which ranks the airport as one of the top seven in Spain. If you add the four million who pass through Tenerife North airport, the island's airports are the 20th busiest in Europe. The other 8,, euros of the 38 million that the island will receive from the State in , is destined to prepare for the construction of the port in Granadilla: Improving Punta de Teno for Visitors.

Faro de Teno Originally uploaded by jallen dragonhide.

Atlantis Truly Discovered

New Visitor Center in Icod de los Vinos. The Tenerife Island Corporation is to complete the construction of a new visitor center at the Parque del Drago in Icod de Los Vinos; a project that has a budget of 2. The visitor center will have square meters of exhibition space, a shop, restaurant, laboratory and library, amongst other facilities, including service areas, warehousing and rest rooms. The land where the center is to be built, in Calle Las Angustias , is next to the passage to the old mill, the restoration of which is included in the project.

More International Promotion for The Canaries. Smile You're In the Canaries , will include promotions in magazines, internet and other media. Another 42, euros is being invested in in-depth studies of the demand, segmentation and habits of the tourist markets in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

International Athletes in Buenavista Race. Four Spanish international athletes - who are as yet to be named - are to take part in the VI Carrera Popular Los Remedios , the "popular race" in Buenavista del Norte, which is part of the events being held for the town's annual fiestas. All that is known about the runners is that two of them won medals at the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia and in the last European Championships in Gothenburg.

For those who read Spanish, or who just want to be stunned by the length of the list of events for a fiesta in what is, basically, only a one-and-a-half horse town, Bienmesabe has the full Programa de Fiestas de Buenavista del Norte. The musicians, who had arrived at around 3: News released last week that Lopez would also perform at this, the final concert of Marc Anthony's Spanish tour, have certainly bumped up the ticket sales. Almost all of the original 30, have been sold and organizers are studying the possibility of raising it to 35, The concert starts at 9 p.

Canarias 7 say that cloudy skies will predominate in the Canary Islands tomorrow, according to the Meteorological Institute and they do not discount some occasional, light rain, most probably in the areas of the north and the west of the islands. The temperatures will reduce, most notably in central and high areas. Temperatures of a maximum of 24 degrees centigrade and a minimum of 20 degrees centigrade are expected in Santa Cruz. Winds will be moderate westerly with strong gusting on high ground, which could become very strong in Tenerife.

Equally, westerly winds are expected in Canary Islands waters, force 4 and with a choppy sea of 1 to 2 meters in the north west. The cloudy skies are forecast to remain over the islands for a few days, with localized light rain. The temperatures will drop to, later, rise again and stabilize. Saturday, October 14, Buenavista del Norte de Fiesta. Not a week goes by without a fiesta somewhere around here, it seems, and events for Los Remedios , the annual fiestas, probably the last of the "summer" festivals locally, in honour of the town's patron, kicked off last night. The main events are coming up on the 24th, the eve of the fiesta on the 25th.

There's some quite well known names there, if you are familiar with local TV, which is an impressive lineup for a pueblo of this size and, leads me to believe that most of these events will probably be televised on one or other of the local channels. On the 24th, Las Libreas , the unique dance from the El Palmar valley takes place at 7 p. This will lead on to the cavalcade of floats decorated by the residents of the town and the whole night will be topped off with a verbena - best translated as an all night street party with dancing.

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On the 25th, the day of the patron, the town hall will receive the Queen of the Fiestas and her court at 11 a. After the reception, they will make a floral offering in the church of Los Remedios and attend mass for the patron of Buenavista. After, yes, another mass at 7 p. They are very good actually.

The Sale of Goods ACT, 1893, with Notes (1894)

The seventh edition of the Buenavista Song Contest will also take place, where, they say, "music fans will interpret well known themes live. Buenavista del Norte , Fiestas and Events. Archaeologist says Guanches Came from South America. Despite much evidence to suggest that the origins of the guanches - the aboriginal inhabitants of the islands before the Spanish conquest - were in the Berber tribes of North Africa, archaeologist, Pablo Novoa, has discovered, during 30 years of study, similarities between indigenous cultures in the Caribbean and the Canary Islands.

In his book about the pre-colombian culture in the Canary Islands, " Los Araguaco-Tainos, una cultura precolombina en Canarias ", published by Benchomo , Novoa has tried to demonstrate that contact existed between these cultures. They could have done it and, there is the fact that the chronicles of Christopher Columbus, tell us that the indigenous populations of Central America has an ample knowledge of navigation.

Novoa's theory is based on the analysis of more than items repeated in various locations and, the existence of around aboriginal words that have a similar meaning to those used today by Canary Islanders. For those who speak Spanish and are also fascinated by this subject, the matter is discussed, at considerable length at El Foro de Canarias.

It is an ever repeating theme, but as the first comment in that thread begins, " There is an awful lot unknown about the Guanche reality, very affected by myth. Vision for the Teno Rural Park. The Cultural Center in Buenavista del Norte, the Casa de La Viuda Widow's House , recently held a meeting, organized by the council for the environment and attended by a variety of entities related with the direct or indirect management of one of the most important natural spaces in the Canary Islands archipelago, the Teno Rural Park.

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Representatives from Buenavista del Norte, Los Silos, El Tanque and Santiago del Teide; the Tenerife Island Corporation, various departments of territory management, tourism, conservation, agriculture and culture, met to discuss technical issues. From the conclusions drawn from this encounter, the experts intend to create a project for the sustainable development of the park; reevaluating the agricultural sector as a means to conserve the current use of the land and, in the creation of a network of visitors' reception centers to attend to the tourists who visit the park.

Perpetuating the poverty cycle. Paul Hazebroek, at Radio Netherlands, who had just arrived back from Mauritania where he interviewed impoverished Africans who were about to risk their lives sailing to the Canary Islands in leaky canoes - in search of a better life - makes interesting and, I fear, correct observations on the fact that EU countries "quite capable of paying their own way" get millions of euros in handouts and asks, "How many schools could have been built in sub-Saharan countries with that money, how many subsistence farmers could have bought themselves a piece of land, how many people could have got a small business off the ground with a little micro-credit?

Visit the Tower in La Laguna for a Euro. EU insists on reduction in road building. Another reason to hate the spaghetti of ugly overhead electrical cables: Among them they found various species that are under threat of extinction. The overhead cables are already vulnerable to the effects of extreme weather , dangerous to rescue helicopters and, in my opinion, pig ugly on an island that relies on its beauty to attract tourists as it's main source of income.

There are also many overhead cables and protected species of birds here in the Teno Rural Park. Cables asesinos Related posts: Buenavista does Underground Cabling Residents want cables buried. Friday, October 13, Tenerife in December. For more about Christmas in Tenerife , visit: Lots of people are searching for Tenerife in December and, anyone planning a trip to the island then, most probably for Christmas , will want to know what the weather is going to be like.

In the absence of a crystal ball to be able to give you the weather forecast for Christmas Day sorry , I have done a little bit of digging into the historical weather conditions over the last ten years, on December 25th: December 25th Historical data, courtesy of Weather Underground Temperatures shown are centigrade: Not much of a chill factor either in winds, all but once, well below 10 miles per hour and, the likelihood of rain Well, we won't tempt fate by outwardly saying it, but I think that the figure somewhat speaks for itself!

Add to this that sunset is around 6: Tenerife , Canary Islands , Canarias. The Water In the Canary Islands. Years ago, on a trip to the Jardin Del Atlantico - a park constructed from an old banana plantation in the Valle San Lorenzo in the south of Tenerife - I learned how water is obtained on this island from the underground galleries in the mountains, which was explained by the use of a working model of the island.

Actually, it's fascinating and I thoroughly recommend a visit to this park for many reasons. Here, in an article from locally "adopted son" , historian and University Professor, Manuel J.


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Lorenzo Perera, we learn a little more about this process of obtaining water from these underground sources, with photos of the gallery here in the El Palmar valley in area of the aptly named Monte del Agua Water Mount. This is also the area that contains and you can visit, some of the island's only last remaining bits of ancient laurisilva subtropical cloud forest endemic to the islands.

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Many people, including locals, do not know that there are no rivers from which to obtain fresh water on these islands, nor do they know from where the water is obtained. Nobody explains that you shouldn't fill the bath, nor run the shower or tap for a long time, out of respect for this scarce and difficult to obtain resource.

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The two men who are pictured in the article are amongst those who had worked in this dangerous business, wading about in water with no boots, no safety equipment, no work contracts, no health or accident coverage and in an atmosphere full of dangerous gasses. Most of the galleries in Tenerife were opened during the 20th Century and are horizontal tunnels, orientated to extract what has always been a scarce and precious resource. It wasn't until the 's, when any sort of mechanization was introduced. For many young men in this area, working in these water mines was the only employment available to complement working the land for subsistence.

It was an unknown world worked, in blood and sweat, in deplorable conditions, by these authentic hombres-topos mole-men down in the dark tunnels. In those days, the water was not a matter for the local council either. Once it was excavated, it was channeled to a "trusted source" who then saw to distributing it, via private "shareholders", to the enclaves they considered convenient.

These labour conditions explain why throughout the history of the galleries, quite unsurprisingly, there have been numerous grave accidents: It is therefore unsurprising that when the gallery of El Carmen in Las Portelas here in the El Palmar valley was first opened, a niche was constructed to the right-hand side of the entrance, in which was placed a small image of the Virgen del Carmen. Outside the gallery there is a rosebush of small roses and every day, the daughters of the miners would take roses to offer to the virgin, when they took food to their fathers, both to protect their ancestors and so that we never lack the water of life.

Сведения о продавце

La rubia mexicana critica a Bush. We also got a goodly quantity of rain overnight here too, but this is nothing untoward around this date. Our race, human, our heritage, the earth", chanting "No human is illegal. Archaeologist says Guanches Came from South America. New Visitor Center in Icod de los Vinos.

With tap water still being declared unsuitable for drinking in various areas, including this, because of elevated levels of fluoride - something one can be a little more tolerant of knowing how lucky we are to get any water, under these circumstances - perhaps it's time to go up the hill and check that the virgin has enough roses?

El agua en Canarias. Marion Stansfield, mother of singer Lisa Stansfield, has died at the age of Never Better than Washed By Hand. The Residents Association of Los Lavaderos, organize, every October 12th, an event which harks back to the time when women of the area spent their days doing their washing and that they took in to do for other families and, including the laundry for those who came into Santa Cruz port on ships - by hand in the public washing facilities.

A tradition that goes back to the 19th Century, but which was still being carried out as recently as the 's. Apparently, it was such a powerful memory in the area that the antique washtubs were reopened, as an exhibition, in , since when the locals decided to make it into this annual event. Nunca como a mano. The not so good aspect is that this drop was only half of the national average reduction of 0.

This has to be better than another rise anyway. Whilst this may not be an item of major international news, it does have certain importance. In a press release from the town hall in Buenavista del Norte, we learn that the local council is to spend , euros to cover in the sports facilities at the rear of the local school here in the El Palmar valley. That, in itself, is news, however, it's the reasons that somewhat amused me. As has been mentioned on these pages before , there seems to be a state of denial amongst local populations that there can ever be extreme weather. Of course, the reality is that it has.

Not in the areas tourists visit, of course! Well, here's official confirmation from the town hall itself, who say the reason they are about to wall and roof in this pitch is because it is one of the "principal demands of the residents", "taking into account the adverse meteorological conditions in the area, mostly in the months of autumn and winter, when the climate does not permit the practice of any type of physical activity in the open air.

There you have it. Sounds like it's a known and regular occurrence to me - regular enough anyway to construct this covered sports facility that the town hall says will become one of the most important centers of leisure and entertainment in the area for the, roughly, people in the district of an age to partake in sports activities. The fact is that the El Palmar valley , shaped as it is as a deep bowl, attracts and holds cloud at any time of the year.

The reward for suffering these adverse meteorological conditions is, of course, the wonderful fruit and vegetables from the fertile land and the profusion of year-round spring flowers, wild birds, thousands of butterflies and other flora and fauna that are not seen in other parts of the island.

Whilst in the south it rarely drops below a comfortable in short sleeves 15 degrees centigrade at night, up here in winter, it can go as low as 10 degrees by day, which with the added humidity and the lack of heating, can feel bloody cold indeed, though I always doubted and, this news appears to confirm, that it is not, "every year for the past few generations has been miraculously colder than the last". Thursday, October 12, TV Review: Nova - "The Deadliest Plane Crash". They seem to think that the show deals adequately with the background and run up of events that caused the crash, but say that, "The show fails to delve deep enough into the psychology of the pilot.

Spain and Senegal agree to promote legal migration policy. More than half of illegal migrants arriving in the Canaries are Senegalese, and now Spain and Senegal have inked a preliminary deal to handle the illegal immigration by promoting more legal immigration. The deal would discourage illegal migration and give Spain the opportunity to recruit a significant number of workers, Mr. Full story from WorkPermit. Research from Axa Insurance disclosed that over half of people 53 percent will take between one and three breaks, while 2.

Though the largest percentage opt to stay in the UK, some 37 percent of people intend to go to Spain, the Balearic or the Canary Islands. Natural Catastrophes and Society. From October 16th to 20th, the town of Garachico will be the location for a Congress on "Natural Catastrophes and Society", as part of the Atlantis Forum. President of the Tenerife Island Corporation, Ricardo Melchior, and representatives of Security and Emergency services of the Canary Islands Government, as well as Garachico's town hall and environmental councillors will meet to discuss planning and mitigation of risks against catastrophic situations.