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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Foreskin Man #1: Dr. Mutilator file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Foreskin Man #1: Dr. Mutilator book. Happy reading Foreskin Man #1: Dr. Mutilator Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Foreskin Man #1: Dr. Mutilator at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Foreskin Man #1: Dr. Mutilator Pocket Guide. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. More by Matthew Hess. With infant circumcision rates plummeting, BioFlesh International is scrambling to keep product in stock for their growing foreskin trafficking business. To make matters worse, the Museum of Genital Integrity is unveiling a new Instruments of Torture exhibit to scare off would-be baby cutters. We know that nazis were socialists and so are left wingers! Now we are sure! I also see men of all ages voluntarily getting circumcised.

Smegma, yes SMEGMA, abounds when 'it' cannot be kept clean, and strangulation occurs if the foreskin is not replaced properly after cleaning, it's a pain in the butt! So medically it's a sound practice. And please don't compare circumcision with genital mutilation for women, its not even in the same ballpark!

Female mutilation is grotesque, demeaning, cruel and forever damaging! I have NEVER heard a man say "I wish I wasn't circumcised" DO buy this and show everyone you know and then some, spread the word that hatred for Jews are proliferating among the democrats, and history is about to repeat itself in OUR lifetime! This may be censored and disappear soon, so download it now!!

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This comic series, which is up to three issues by now, is the wacky, mock-heroic tale of Foreskin Man, the alter ego of Matthew Hastwick, the curator of the hilariously conceived Museum of Genital Integrity in San Diego, who uses his super powers to save children from genital mutilation i. The good guys in these comics are buff and the gals buxom. The bad guys are over-the-top caricatures. The artwork is excellent, the adventures silly, and the point unmistakeable: Luckily for innocent children, Foreskin Man and Vulva Girl swoop in at the last minute to save children from circumcision.

It's not meant to advance the position in any serious, discursive way; at no point does the author put forth any of the very substantial arguments against circumcision. The comics were meant to simply get people talking about the issues, I suppose, and drive home his viewpoint in an unmistakeable, simplistic and entertaining way. To that end, they've succeeded. These comics are a scream.

One thing they are not is anti-Semitic, despite the media furor generated by organized jewry. In addition to American doctors and African presumably Moslem tribesmen, the author employs rabbis as the villains in one issue. Apparently the ultra sensitive representatives of the Chosen Ones failed to notice that other groups besides Jews were attacked here and that the author's point is that he doesn't like circumcision, not that he doesn't like Jews.

Im sorry for artificialy inflating its rating, as I dont really think it deserves 5 stars, it does fail to address scientific questions. A single Evil mohel, and "its anti semantic" what? Circumcision is an american cultural blind spot, and one we need to overcome. My parents treated me like a defective machine when I raised my voice about the issue, and demanded they defray the surgery I need to reconstruct my penis.

The comic does exaggerate some things to the point of making it a farce with little educational value. If I have any inkling of antisematic feelings it comes from this practice, not the other way around. I hope others will be more accurate in their reviews. See all 11 reviews. That so many non-Jews imitate Jews on circumcision and other aspects of Jewish law Christianity is descended from Judaism, no?

Or does it have something to do with Aish HaTorah? If the former, then you are certainly welcome to live in another county or country if the local form of patriotism is not to your liking….

Foreskin Man Series

What a Jew should do is adapt things like science, medicine, etc. Non-Jews are not affected by Jews using modern invention and modernity within Jewish law.

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Is your feeble mind aware that the Nazis branded Jews with tattooed numbers and made them were Stars of David on their clothing? Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. This issue can be found for free here via Graphic. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Your advertisers should know that. Mutilator Matthew Hess July 21,

And, how, say are you going to go about this? A global network of Jews modifying banking, the media, government? Wow Heshy, the KKK reads frumsatire too! Your advertisers should know that. Maybe this guy wants something from modern tribe. The anti-vaccine crowd is made up of magical thinkers, crazies, conspiracy theorists and the insane.

It just gets worse from there. People like you run over any dissenters to get your way. Kudos to you, sir! Yeah thats awesome, slap a swastika onto FM. Nothing is more antisemitic then a Jewish mother asking FM to take her son to her friend. So, disregarding the blatantly anti-semitic plotline of armed Jewish goons breaking in and making a bris by force, what we have here is a domestic dispute within a mixed marriage- and actually a VERY likely one at that!

Foreskin Man vs. The Thing

All the more reason not to marry non-Jews! Kidnapping a child of a Jewish parent so as to raise him as a gentile is also a recurring anti-semitic assault through history, yet another reason this comic is incredibly offensive.

I dont care what some imaginary guy in the sky told you. Um, Elias, the film executive Sumner Redstone is Jewish. See also Alicia Silverstone. Um, MM, read what I wrote. I do thank you for educating me into the anglicization of Yiddish surnames. Their names are Sarah and Miah. A useful commentary is here. More direct and to the point. Monster mohel and his armed henchmen speak for themselves and of course for their authors and supporters. Redstone is a translation of Rothstein. Levy and its derivatives is also Jewish.

The third most common Jewish surname is Miller. In any case, since we are matrilineal, not patrilineal pace the Reform Movement , our surnames can be pretty much anything. Further since European Jews did not have surnames but rather true patronyms until forced to by the Austro-Hungarian Empire in , with Czarist Russia following suit shortly thereafter, Ashkenazic Jews have not historically been very attached to their surnames, frequently changing them, shortening them, translating them, etc.

These changes happened in the Diaspora, but also very commonly among those who made aliya. I myself have the tiniest straightest nose on the planet—when I was a child I used to pull on it, hoping it would grow long and hooked like all the other noses in my family—and the fairest skin short of an albino. The idea of a bris by force is absurd. The gun toting associates, the use of a scissors!!!

I have two sons, both teens, who were circumsized by two different mohels. He may have cried as much as 3 minutes, which represents much less crying time than when we tried to get him to sleep alone in his crib.

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The idea that circumcision causes any lasting pain to a person is laughable. You do of course realize that, aside from the correlation and causation of that study being entirely questionable, most studies on circumcision do not distinguish between different kinds of circumcision. And read the real research- not the propaganda of the AMA. Do u understand that if they stopped crying, they went into shock?

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I bet your sons are on the little blue pill now, or will be soon…. How common of a practice is it?

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I felt that he undermined my good efforts to save babies from the horror of forced genital cutting. I believe that this type of character assassination against individual intactivists is employed to silence critics of circumcision. Hey, if u wanna have your genitals chopped off, do it when your 18 and can make a legal decision about it. The bottom line is, if someone cries anti-semite, all they are doing is deflecting attention from the real issue, which is that genital cutting is violent, disfiguring, and evil done on an unwilling victim. Sinai is the basis for all Judaism, including the mitzvot including brit milah covenant of circumcision.

If a Jew does not believe in that, does not strive to practice the related mitzvot, then all Judaism and all everything descended from it, Christianity, Islam, and the moral basis for all Western civil law is arbitrary, transitory, and ultimately meaningless. At least he wont suffer from reduced sexual sensitivity in the long run and you will a ALL girls too have matching buttocks! Kathleen, do you realize how offensive your attempt at sarcasm was? Is your feeble mind aware that the Nazis branded Jews with tattooed numbers and made them were Stars of David on their clothing?

And thank you for your concern in the area of sexual sensitivity, but neither my fellow Jewish guy friends nor I complain about inadequate sexual sensitivity.

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If you want proof, I can set you up on a tefillin date with a Jewish guy. And I would appreciate your keeping your nose out of my crotch and your foul mouth away from my penis. You are offensive to the human race.