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How to Keep Your Cool: 12 Tips for Staying Calm Under Pressure
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Of course, thinking things through before jumping the gun is a great trait. But thinking things through and then not doing anything won't get you anywhere.

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Remember that people are your equals. Even a group of people is equal to you. If you're talking to a potential employer, a group of wealthy donors, a child, a stranger, the president of the United States, or an attractive guy or girl, for example, remember they are neither better than you or worse than you are. They should be treated as you should be treated. Be respectful of other people, but expect that they will accept you as such.

When someone is disrespectful to you, ignore them until they figure it out. Not as if you didn't hear your antagonist, but casually and conversationally disregard their remarks. There is a reason that they didn't show respect towards you or the person didn't do what you asked of them. People may be rude to you because they are unhappy, someone hurt them recently, you were disrespectful towards them, or because they were never taught the correct way to act around people.

But always know it is for a reason, be willing to find out what the reason is as long as you want them to respect you. Senses of humor vary wildly. Have faith in your friends. The personality traits you despise in yourself may be the very quirks they find endearing. Let them decide instead of presenting an incomplete version of yourself to the world.

If you want to be cool, then you have to believe that the people around you genuinely like you and find your relationship meaningful.

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Remember that it's not cool to hang out with people who you think are cool just because you think it'll make you cool by proxy. Life doesn't work that way. Don't be afraid to be different. Whether that means standing up for yourself, defending someone else, or taking interest in something that no one else does, like playing an instrument, try to be different and stand out.

The coolest people are the ones who occasionally break against the tide and make people question the status quo. Insecure people will, at times, become jealous of you. These people will try to get to you, in an attempt to take the attention off of you and bestow it upon themselves. The important thing to remember is not to smile in weakness; just ignore them.

There's a difference in letting people's judgments affect your self esteem , and being aware of how you come off to others. What you are really doing is being aware of how you look from another person's perspective. In terms of physical appearance: Definitely be aware of your body language at all times; analyzing body language can be a useful tool in knowing how to present yourself.

Knowing how you come off during school, during a soccer match, or at a party can help you have a sense of what people think of you, and to adjust your actions accordingly. It doesn't mean that you have to change for you are, but if you're at a party, it's good to notice if you're completely dominating a conversation and even boring people so you can back off a bit.

Constantly telling yourself that you're not good at socializing creates anxieties that play on your mind the next time you converse with someone. You then focus on said anxieties, and the whole thing becomes one big cycle of self-fulfillment. If you're always nervous about what can go wrong in a social situation, you won't be able to appreciate things that are going right.

If you're nervous or anxious, other people will be able to tell, and they will feed off of your nervous energy, creating even more anxiety. Instead, be calm and make people feel like they are more calm in your presence and they will be drawn to you. It's okay to freak out to a trusted friend if you need to once in a while. Just don't get a reputation for being a person who is always freaking out. Present yourself in a positive way. Walk with good posture and look people in the eye. If you slump or stare at your feet, people won't respect you.

You have to look and feel confident in order to receive the respect you need. Don't walk too fast either because it looks like you are running away. Be a habitual, unrepentant over-smiler, with every grin being a genuine one. If you smile when you meet someone, you instantly appear confident, friendly and relaxed. Confident, friendly, relaxed people are much more appealing than their uptight compadres.

Being fit will raise your self-esteem and will make you look at the world in a more positive light. This doesn't mean that you need a six pack to be cool, but it does mean that taking care of your body is definitely cool. Try to exercise regularly, go to the gym, or play a sport and keep in good shape.

Having the energy to be involved in many things is something that not everyone is born with, so try to work out. You will see results if you work hard. Know that you will never be able to please everyone. Try hard, but don't be so concerned with judging yourself or being judged by others. People have millions of ways to get under your skin. Learn to spot them and become immune. Be happy with yourself and do what you enjoy.

How To Be Calm, Cool and Collected In 3 Easy Steps

Be sure to brush your teeth every morning and every night. And whenever you can, even after lunch. Wear perfume if you're a girl and spray on a bit, just a bit of cologne if you're a boy. Shower every day and wear deodorant. Also use lotion so that your skin is not ashy and put on some lip balm if your lips are dry. You should wash your face every morning to keep fresh and pimple free. You don't have to spend hours on your looks each day to be cool.

But hey, 20—30 minutes spent showering and grooming won't kill you. Project confident body language.

If you want to look cool, then your body has to project confidence at all times. If you're talking to someone, make eye contact, use your hands to gesture, and sit or stand with good posture. Smile, even if you're feeling a little nervous, and don't fidget with your hands or look at the floor when you're talking to someone, or you won't look like you believe what you say. Find your own style. As long as your personality shines through, you can wear whatever you like.

Guys have been known to get girlfriends even though they wear sweats all the time. Some of the dorkiest, "uncool" guys are known to get girlfriends because everyone has a different perception of cool. That is definitely an affirmation of coolness. You don't have to follow trends to be cool; you just have to be able to look comfortable and happy in whatever you are wearing. Always be true to yourself and show people the real you. Do kind actions and think about what you're going to say or do before you do it.

Not Helpful 84 Helpful It sounds silly but the harder you try, the less cool you seem. Of course, on some level, even cool people are trying to be likeable or attractive, but the solidly cool do it without showing their effort. Go for a laid back, natural vibe and you'll seem both cool and confident. Not Helpful 88 Helpful They might be jealous, so let those words just roll of your back! Remember to just act friendly to them anyways and maybe they will act nicer to you in the future.

Not Helpful 70 Helpful Just be pleasant to everyone, and go out of your way to talk to people who might become new friends. Consider joining an extracurricular activity or sports team to meet people. Not Helpful 11 Helpful This is an unusual situation to be in but perhaps they feel insecure around you or unable to keep up with you. Review what you're doing, as you may actually be causing them to feel left out or ignored, and you may need to spend more time being with them and talking, relating in real ways. That may help them to feel more comfortable around you. Not Helpful 49 Helpful What if the 'cool' thing to do in your area is go to discos, and you are not allowed?

This interactive map shows how wrong we picture the world

Nothing is more 'cool' than doing the right thing. They are completely comfortable with themselves and they promote this strength by exercising the power of choice. Yes, I said it. Keep a journal of how you reacted throughout the day to various interactions, news, and events. Write down both the good and bad according to:. Oftentimes what gets the ego revved up is the desire to demonstrate smarts. By this, I mean that many people have an innate desire to show others how smart they think they are by letting their flapper go incessantly.

In order to remain calm, cool, and collected, keep yourself engaged questions that stimulate solutions. However, everything worthwhile takes time. It is after all only within each experience that you will find the lessons you need to help build your emotional intelligence. In fact, both lifestyle and mindset go hand-in-hand and work together to help you stay calm under pressure.

Good quality sleep and exercise is absolutely paramount. Getting good quality sleep will help you become much more emotionally resilient. Likewise, regular exercise will provide you with the energy you need to consciously and physically work through difficulties far more effectively. It will be much easier for you to stay relaxed during uncertain times and difficult moments.

You will find yourself feeling more centered, focused and in control. This will provide you with the clarity of mind you need to work through emotional issues far more successfully. Eating a well balanced and healthy diet, keeping yourself hydrated with water throughout the day, and avoiding the habit of indulging in addictions will help you to manage your emotions, and your responses to the events and circumstances of your life far more effectively.

In particular avoid drugs, alcohol, sugar and caffeine addictions. These addictions will put you on edge, making it very difficult to stay calm and centered throughout the day. This is a clear indication that your life is far too complicated. Commit yourself today to the process of simplifying your life and environment. For instance, take time to organize yourself and your things. Make sure to find a place for everything, and put everything in its place. Be sure to de-clutter your environment, to eliminate all non-essential things, or simply pack them away out of sight and out of mind.

What you need is space, and a clean uncluttered environment to help you unwind, relax, and calm down. This is the sort of environment that will encourage moments of self-reflection that you can use to help improve your decisions moving forward.

Living at a frantic pace can work quite well for some people. In fact, there are people who thrive on urgency, while still maintaining a calm and centered energy. However, what you must do is re-prioritize things in order to help create the space and time you need to slow down. It does, however, mean that you do things more consciously. Therefore instead of rushing through a task, think through the task and take a little time to consider how to best work on this task in the most effective and time-efficient way.

Slowing down also means finding time for periods of relaxation. It means taking regular thought-breaks. Thought-breaks are times throughout the day when you take several minutes to separate yourself from your tasks and activities to just sit down and think about your decisions and actions.

These moments of self-reflection could very well provide you with some interesting insights that will help you work much more productively moving forward. These people are part of your support network. They are there to assist you during difficult moments of your life, and you are also there to assist them in their emotional and physical struggles. Take some time now to consider the kind of people that could add value to your life. Also, consider the people you could readily assist and support. Jot down the names of all these individuals and commit yourself to regularly staying in touch with them.

You could even create an emotional Mastermind group. This is where you invite like-minded individuals to a get-together once a week or month where you discuss problems, concerns, and other emotional struggles. Your support network will provide you with an anchor you can use during difficult emotional moments of your life. They will instill within you the calmness you need when there are emotional storms brewing around you.

One of the best ways to stay calm, focused and centered at all times, is to prepare for seemingly unexpected setbacks, difficulties, and problems in advance. Therefore, what was unexpected before, is now something you are ready to tackle in the moment or in the future. When you have a full and complete awareness of what you are going to do in the next moment when things change, you will naturally be more calm, collected and emotionally centered.

However, given the fact that you are now prepared for the possibilities, you will, therefore, be in a much more favorable position to stay calm and collected during these difficult moments of your life. Both of these paths have consequences and certain outcomes that you must keep in mind. Some of these outcomes might lead you into an emotional tornado, while other outcomes might be a little more favorable. Your mind will be prepared and ready to deal with numerous scenarios and situations. And when your mind is prepared, your emotions will be steady and you will respond proactively to the events and circumstances of your life.

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If you’d like to stay calm and cool in stressful situations, put the following 8 steps into practice: Below are a few easy ways you can practice patience every day, increasing your ability to remain calm and cool in times of stress: Staying calm in stressful situations is. If you have just been assaulted by bad news or are a chronic worrier how are you supposed to be calm, cool, collected, and breathe? For me.

This will leave you feeling calmer and centered moving forward. One of the best ways to identify the potential consequences of your choices and decisions is to simply take some time to sit and reflect in a quiet place. Take time to consider all the possibilities, and then prepare yourself mentally and physically for all the possible outcomes. Did you gain value from this article? Is it important that you know and understand this topic?

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These packages provide you with the ultimate visual reference library for all your personal development needs. The Qualities of Calmness In order to reap the rewards that a state of calmness can bring into your life, you will need to become more mindful. How to Respond to Pressure Situations? What things cause me to lose my cool?

How to Stay Calm Consistently : Psychology & Mental Health

What specific people or circumstances cause me to succumb to pressure? How do these triggers affect me on an emotional and physical level? How do I typically respond during these pressure situations? Why do I respond in this way? Does responding in this way hurt me? Does responding in this way help me?

Here are some suggestions: Immediately Remove Yourself from the Situation When under pressure, take time to immediately remove yourself from the situation temporarily. Why am I suddenly feeling pressured? What has triggered my feelings? What has ruffled my emotions? Has something outside of me triggered my emotions?

Am I seeing things clearly? Am I interpreting the situation correctly? Is it possible that my perspective of this situation has triggered my emotions? Your next task is to clarify your desired outcome. What do I want to gain from this situation?