The Rainbow Crane

Stunning full-circle rainbow spotted from crane in Russia
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  • Rainbow Crane Rental & Services. Petersburg, Russia, on Friday. The ring of colour is so large, the worker had to pan the camera to capture its full circumference.

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Vancouver wakes up to stunning double rainbow over Burrard Inlet. A rainbow occurs when rain droplets split sunlight into wavelengths.

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The white light passes through the beads of water creating a refraction, bending the light and forming a coloured arc over the sky. From the ground, it is only possible to see the light above us.

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But if someone is looking from a higher elevation, like a plane or the top of the building, they may be able to see more of the arc, or in this case, the entire ring of colour. A construction worker in Russia captured an extremely rare natural wonder on camera from the top of the Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg, Russia, on July In , [1] he graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall , a private boarding school in Connecticut , where he competed in a number of sports. Crane summited his first mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro , as a year-old freshman in high school with his mother.

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He described it as a "gateway mountain" which piqued his interest in mountaineering. This led him to start the Rainbow Summits Project, with the goal of climbing the Seven Summits —the highest mountains of each continent—in order to raise funds and awareness for the Trevor Project. By the beginning of , a year after starting the Rainbow Summits Project, [4] Crane had successfully climbed five of the Seven Summits: Crane's successful ascent of Mount McKinley in July at the age of 20 marked his completion of the Seven Summits, [6] making him the first openly gay man to have done so.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cason Crane Crane in December Archived from the original on November 24, Retrieved December 1, I was born in … " b "So when I began my gap year after graduating from Choate last June