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There are other users of fire magic such as the Priests of R'hllor or the warlocks of the House of the Undying Ones in the old city of Qarth.

But given the Dothraki disposition toward magic overall, it is unlikely magic was used. So it doesn't seem unreasonable that a pot on a coal fire could melt a Gold alloy. Note that we don't know the O2 concentration or atmospheric pressure in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire, and so these flame temperatures could be very different to our world!

Lead was often used, make objects feel heavy like true gold and be gold coated but were cheaper to make. Wood goes through several stages before burning. As temperature increases, moisture boils off. At degrees F, wood particles form volatiles, which produce the flames we see. At degrees F combustion becomes possible. An oak log needs between and degrees to maintain combustion and burns at a maximum of to degrees. Hence an average cookfire say a good boy scout campfire can get to an average of Easy enough to melt lead. If it has an extremely good bed of coals and the right pitch to get a good draft going, you might get to or so.

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But, you would still be several hundred degrees Farenheit short of melting pure gold. More likely it is because the t. I remember reading this scene back in Asimov's when it first came out. I remember thinking at the time it was hogwash and I haven't changed my mind. However, it is still a brutal image. Easiest answer is that gold in ASOIF has a different melting point than gold in our world, just as seasons in that world are not the same as seasons in our world.

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Second easiest, is that it's not gold, but a fake gold made with a metal with a low melting-point. Khal Drogo might have been duped by an unscrupulous trader, or he used fake gold to add to the insult. Real gold in our world, when it's melted, glows yellow, a typical cooking pot cast iron or copper would also melt in the tempuratures required to melt gold, and those tempuratures can't be reached on a campfire anyway. Even in a furnace, the time required to melt gold is far greater than the time it took in the show.

It might have been a gold alloy rather than pure gold. There's a chart at http: The numbers on this page and this one suggest that over celsius, or around fahrenheit, would be a reasonable conservative estimate for the temperature of an open wood fire, so it should easily be able to melt nearly all the eutectic alloys on that page the only ones above are manganese, sodium, and uranium.

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The various sources such as the same question on Skeptics. Assuming the melting pot was in the fire or very near to it to have enough heat transferred , it could be possible, depending on the purity of the gold. However, Wikipedia puts the colour of steel at orange at that temparature.

So the pot in which the gold was melted, should have been glowing red hot at the very least, as seen in the following image. Also, the pot was not in the fire but above it, and from the meat being cooked on it, the fire doesn't look hot enough the meat would've been charred. Making the point that the world of Game of Thrones is an alternate reality, black magic, dragons and other stuff that does not exist in our reality so maybe the gold in the Game of Thrones reality although looking like the one in our world, melts at a lower temperature as lead, tin, and aluminum melts in ours.

Now, since it is filmed in our reality, what they used for the special affects I am not certain of. No matter what kind of metal it was there was no way it could have melted it. It's shown 30 seconds earlier that the fire wasn't that hot because they poured out a pot of SOUP. Thank you for your interest in this question.

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How did the cookfire get hot enough to melt gold in Game of Thrones? Geoff 1 3 5. Question seems trivial apparently downvotable , but this sort of thing can abort readers from immersion- especially with the production behind both the books and the show, without contextual explanation.

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With Fantasy and Sci-Fi, the suspension of disbelief is often encountered en. Geoff Actually, it is. Perhaps you did not fully grasp why Drogo did it. Viserys had "given" him Daenerys to marry, with the intent that Drogo in return help him win back his birthright.

At what temperature does a forest fire burn?

Drogo gave him a golden crown, thereby fulfilling his part of this bargain. Geoff That sounds good, Geoff. Just as a friendly reminder, this is a forum where such minor details do get debated, so if you don't care, don't argue. It's like the old joke "Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this!

Then don't do that. Pure gold has a melting point of degrees Fahrenheit. Impure gold can be melted at lower temperatures but the lowest quality gold at 10K yellow gold, still needs around degrees Fahrenheit.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Wood goes through several stages before burning. In the television series A Game of Thrones, Khal Drogo melts gold in a cookpot over a seemingly ordinary fire, and then pours the melted metal on Viserys' head. So yes, it should theoretically be possible, but not as shown. The ability to control fire was a dramatic change in the habits of early humans.

Using Magic Is there magic that would be capable of making flames hot enough to melt gold? Witches, or maegi, are reviled as evil and unnatural. Checking up wikipedia for "flame" and "fire" it seems even a candle C could melt gold C.

Report: Fire can melt NWUs to your skin

Two months after discovering the NWUs are flammable, officials have made no move towards recalling the uniforms or changing their fire-fighting guidance. But in , Navy officials pulled the sale of a blue T-shirt— specifically to prevent sailors from wearing it under their NWUs — because of concerns it would melt under flame and could even fuse to a wound.

Sailors are instructed to extinguish fires immediately, if at all possible, and officials reiterated last year that the blue-and-gray uniforms were cleared for these instances. But the fact that NWUs melt when exposed to flame puts that guidance into question. Researchers tested the blue NWU uniform in mid-October as part of a larger electrical safety review. In the Natick test, testers hung 3-byinch strips of NWU material alongside strips of flame-resistant Army and Marine uniforms, exposed them to flame for 12 seconds and observed the results.

The Army and Marine combat uniforms tested were made of flame-resistant materials. They didn't burn after the flame was removed, experienced no melting and were only charred from 3 to 4 inches. The fleet has a number of flame-resistant uniforms such as engineering coveralls, flight suits and damage control gear. Like the Army and Marine combat gear, these uniforms are rated to withstand flame and experience minimal charring. Navy spokesman Rear Adm.

John Kirby said he wants sailors to know this issue is being taken seriously. Defense News Weekly full episode: Hiring our Heroes president: Military spouse employment is 'critical to national security'.