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It was a textbook landing but after a few seconds rolling down the runway, the engines suddenly throttled up, the nose pitched up violently and we were taking off again.

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There was a lot of nervous chatter in the cabin for about a minute or so while we gained height and levelled off. Then the captain spoke over the tannoy in a thick, comforting Texan drawl: Please fasten your seat belts. Cabin Crew, stow all loose items and take your seats. Every minor bump was agony and I nearly got arrested for rushing through the gate to the nearest loo. Crew came on the intercom before take-off and told us: I think the cabin crew were even more terrified than the the rest of us about the thought of a plane-load of oiks singing off-key.

Captain makes the following statement to the passengers: We have a small problem.

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The military career of Keith Miller, an Australian Test cricketer and Australian rules footballer, Miller's knockabout persona soon saw him earn the nickname Dusty, referring to his . disciplinary course with hard labour, from 18 October to 9 November. His best friend missed out, so he arranged for Flight Lieutenant Keith. Play along with Dusty Crophopper on this Kiddieland Disney Planes Dusty Ride On. Dusty plays his favorite songs for entertainment. Press and slide buttons on.

All four engines have stopped. We are doing our damnedest to get them going again. I trust you are not in too much distress. Some dodgy storm clouds appear and the started to pitch and roll, before suddenly dropping what seemed like hundreds of feet. The pilot came on and made an announcement in Hindi then in English. The English one was: I will do my best to land the plane'. I went white as the proverbial and the Indian gent next to me asked if I was OK. Made a bit of a stab at a stiff upper lip and asked him if he thought we would get down safely.

He asked me why I was worried and told me the pilot had forgotten part of the English statement. Those little, but lovely, two words were: After that, I want all passengers and cabin crew to be belted up and no-one is to walk around for any reason.


Hassett sent the Englishmen into bat. The season ended with a few more matches against various English counties. Suddenly, the plane pitched up and the engines were on full tilt. Please refresh the page and retry. A V1 rocket hit the venue and killed many of the patrons inside. Miller survived a few disciplinary incidents while training to eventually take part in combat operations in the closing stages of the European theatre of the war, and had several narrow escapes from death throughout his combat and training period. In eight innings at Lord's for the season, he had scored runs at

There is a big storm ahead. Not exactly what you want to hear before take off. He was absolutely on the nail. It was like the plane hit a wall. Flight from Helsinki to JFK, landing in heavy rain. Just before touchdown the pilot put all the throttles up and climbed back to around 2, ft.

At the last minute I saw I was landing on the river, so we will stay up here until the rain belt goes through. There is nothing to worry about'.

The world's scariest (real) in-flight announcements

The good news is that we have a mph tailwind so we should make Amsterdam in record time. The bad news is that it's going to be a bumpy ride'. There was a very vicious wind sheer and the Airbus we were on was on approach and veering with the wind. The runway lights were on and I stared out of the window to see the road alongside the airport. We could see the drivers of the cars peering up.

Suddenly, the plane pitched up and the engines were on full tilt. This is fine when we are over land but the problem is rather serious when we're over water'. Thus toy toys a lot if fun.

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  • The world's scariest (real) in-flight announcements!

Love the part that keeps the toy from flipping backwards when a clumsy walker is pushing the toy. Lots of fun sounds and songs. Though the propeller is the best! Brought this item for my nephew's 1 yr old. It may take a little time for him to figure it all out. He really likes the propeller.

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Dallas, December 8, My grandchildren love this ride on toy. The sounds are very annoying to adults but the kids LOVE it! Jaay, December 5, Perfect gift for my one year old baby! Lilly, November 28, My Grandson loves this plane. He got it as a 1st Birthday gift. Luckily for Miller, it failed to detonate. Miller avoided further European missions as bad weather forced the cancellation of additional raids over the next few days, by which time Germany had surrendered.

On one flight, Reeves was leading a formation of aircraft when Miller broke away from the group and returned to base late. When asked why he had gone separately, Miller said that he wanted to fly over Bonn , the birthplace of Beethoven. He was not disciplined for the incident. The end of the war marked the start of the cricket season.

Miller gradually progressed, and once Australia had taken the lead, he cut loose. After spending 40 minutes in the 90s, he finished with in minutes, with a straight six. Miller went on to play a two-day match for the RAAF against Lancashire , where his 52 was the only fifty in a low-scoring game. Hassett sent the Englishmen into bat. During June, there was speculation that Miller's squadron would be deployed to Burma to fight against Japan. In the meantime, the airmen continued to practice their flying, [95] Miller earning Reeves' ire by making unauthorised leisure flights.

Later, he was ordered to fly tour flights over Germany. Not wanting to do so, Miller lodged bogus reports saying that the Mosquitoes were malfunctioning, causing unnecessary maintenance work.

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With one functional engine and no navigator to assist him, Miller came back to the air base and bellylanded. Chasing , Miller scored an unbeaten 78 in 95 minutes. This time he measured out a run up. He then bowled Donald Carr for four and then removed Hutton's off stump. In a two-day match against Yorkshire , Miller struck including three sixes when none of the teammates passed His innings featured strokes from both the front and back foot. He scored an unbeaten 35 to ensure that Australia would not collapse further and lose the match.

In the meantime Japan had surrendered, and No. Against a swinging and seaming ball, Miller struck 14 from the first over that he faced and went on to finish 77 not out in a display that featured strong cutting and driving as Australia could manage only These games have shown that international cricket can be played as between real friends—so let's have no more talk of "war" in cricket".

His aggregate exceeded that of Hammond and Hutton, who made and respectively. The last big match of the season was a one-off at Lord's between England and Dominions, a combined team of players from the British Commonwealth. He brought up his half-century by lifting Hollies straight back into the crowd. Three balls later, he hit another ball to the same point. Miller then began his attack, hitting the dual leg spin pairing of Hollies and Wright to all parts of the ground. He registered his century in minutes, clouting another five balls over the boundary in the morning session.

He then aimed a lofted shot over long on from the bowling of Hollies, directly at the pavilion. It was still rising when it narrowly went over the press box and clipped the top of the roof. In one minute passage of play, he and Constantine added 91 runs, before he departed for from minutes. The Dominions went on to win by 45 runs in a match described by Wisden as "one of the finest ever seen".

Fry said that Miller was "a batsman already great Miller has something of the dash and generous abandon that were part of Victor Trumper 's charm. In eight innings at Lord's for the season, he had scored runs at Miller outshone even Hammond and for the latter part of his innings played faultless cricket. The shot experts said was longer than Trott's landed high on the broadcasting box Miller's other six sixers bounced into seats in front of the Long Room, forcing elderly members to seek safety in the bar. Miller's carefree attitude on the playing field enchanted spectators and he was a favourite of the English public.

When asked many years later by Michael Parkinson , about pressure on the cricket field, Miller responded with the famous quote: The season ended with a few more matches against various English counties. Miller struck 81 not out in a low-scoring win against Nottinghamshire. In a match against Leveson-Gower's XI, which comprised Test-level England players, Miller struck 71 in just over an hour as the Australians finished at and took an innings victory.

Miller, the vice-captain of the team, almost missed the trip to India after turning up late for the voyage.

Miller scored 46 in a drawn match. Miller top-scored with in a high-scoring draw. Rusi Modi in the first innings and Abdul Hafeez Kardar in the second. The team was scheduled to play East Zone , but the city was gripped in deadly riots as independence activists agitated against British rule.

The match went ahead, but on the first day, thousands of protestors invaded the pitch, interrupting play for an hour. Elsewhere in the city, 23 people were killed.