My Bad, My Glad: A Ladder Up For Young Adults

15 people share the worst advice they got when they were young
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Be sure to do your due diligence so you can present the idea as a profit-center and not as a cost which is immediately where the supervisor will go. The more detailed you can be and have estimated outcomes, the more receptive they will be.

2. The ambitious-yet-incompetent ladder climber.

My bad, My Glad: A Common Sense Ladder Up For Young Adults Hi young folks and you adults checking out what our young angels might be putting into their. This was the advice countless adults gave me about my high school and college years. "Is it really And sometimes that bad advice ends up being the most eye- opening of our lives. I'm glad I didn't. . More from Ladders.

This could even be your opportunity to design your dream job! No, this is not a StairMaster… Fact of life: Be early to work, dependable, and get projects done on time or early while not compromising on quality. But beyond that, you need to always be the one who raises their hand to take on a special project or tough task when you can tackle it competently.

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And we also hate the people who immediately resort to finger-pointing and blame-shifting when things go bad. Being generous can truly make you stand out as a role model. Nothing shoots you down in the workplace faster than dumping on others. Instead, share credit where it is due, and be accountable for your failures when they happen. Maintain your integrity at all times — this means being polished professionally both in how you look and act , and always by doing the right thing. Honesty always is a workplace value that any employer would value… if you are true to yourself and true to them, and keep these five tips in mind, you will emerge on top as the most likely candidate tapped to step into a higher internal role.

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So instead, I spent years searching for my passion, wasting valuable time and money. The intended message was that I would be OK regardless of my major, but the way it was said made me feel helpless and like I was wasting time. In result, I wasted time floundering and not making intentional decisions.

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If I could go back, I would tell myself to think about jobs that interest me and the skills they require, and then work backwards from there. Today, 25 years later, science proves that happiness is not the result of success but leads to success in nearly every area of our lives especially at work and in business. Everything is going to be ok! It made me afraid to commit to another person, because who wants to be committing to a set of problems?

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Letting go of that idea allowed me to be open to finding true love. If I could go back, I would tell my younger self that life is an adventure. Find a person who makes you happy and enjoy the ride! It was better to blend in and be humble. Speaking up for what I believe in and celebrating what makes me unique is one of the best things that I have done.

“Your college major doesn’t matter.”

Being different, vocal and authentic is what has created genuine connection with my audience and brings continued success. Many leaders told me this advice. Whereas I understood what they were trying to say, I chose a different path — full transparency. After working with employees at all levels throughout my career, I have found that people have really good B.

Lack of knowledge and experience can be forgiven and even embraced as signs of a humble leader.